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2011 Exhibits - Twin Cities Library, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

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2011 Exhibits

Chamindika Wanduragala  |  Sun Becomes Seed Again

Opening Reception: February 9, 3:30–5:00pm, Artist Talk: 3:45pm

I create a version of what the writer, Audre Lorde, referred to as "biomythography." This series of work has been created around this concept: intertwining personal experience and myth. The characters inhabit a space between dream and reality.

For the past 14 years, I have been working in oil pastel. I recently took a break from making art when I had my child. When I started again in July 2010, I fell in love with drawing with pen and ink.

Having a child has also influenced my work. My imagery is inspired now by my daughter's excitement over animals and my recent work translates these animals into visual stories that express human emotions.

Chamindika Wanduragala is a Sri Lankan American visual artist and arts organizer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her medium has been mainly oil pastel. She co-founded and co-directed Diaspora Flow, a nonprofit arts organization that presented multi-disciplinary performances by artists of color.

Artist Website: www.chamindika.com

Catherine Michele Adams  |  Roman Holiday

Opening Reception: June 23, 3:30 –5:00pm, Artist Talk: 3:45pm

Informed by the tradition of Grand Tour imagery, my photographs explore themes of travel and cultural patrimony in the 21st century. Historical settings, buildings, and statues—objects of our cultural desires—are recorded in conditions ravaged by neglect or time. A Roman monument hidden by bramble in an alley of Rome's hills is forgotten by all but the man who paints over it Alessio Regna! An everyday steel-legged chair confronts the visitor to the medieval San Urbino on the Appian Way. When people are present in these iconic spaces, they stare at and take pictures of one another—or stand right before the perfect view.

Catherine Adams graduated Valedictorian of Saint Mary's College (Notre Dame, IN) with BA in Art History and Women's Studies and continued art historical studies at the University of Iowa. She received several awards, grants, and fellowships from federal, private, and university sources, including a University of Iowa Presidential Fellowship, a Bodine Fellowship, a T. Anne Cleary Fellowship, a FLAS (Hindi), and a Stanley Foundation Fellowship.

Artist Website: www.catherinemicheleadams.com

Marcia Haffmans  |  Lines As A Continuum

Opening Reception: October 26, 3:30–5:00pm, Artist Talk: 3:45pm

This series shifts the paradigm from lines that separate to lines that connect. Referred to as the horizon, it is this line that separates earth from sky that has inspired much of my work. The horizon can change, depending upon the viewer's vantage point. Figuratively, as in new horizon, this could refer to something that might be attained, a promise. Paradoxically, lines such as those that divide the sky and earth can also be viewed as connections.

Artist Websites: