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2011 Exhibits - Twin Cities Library, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

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2012 Exhibits

Jonathan McFadden  |  Adversarial Collaboration

Opening Reception: June 13, 4:00 –5:30 p.m.

Today maps and imagery found in papers, on television, and the Internet have developed in such a way that they mirror our understanding of the world. Complex and abstract forms mimic the clouds that hover above our heads. Sequences of dotted lines represent the potential both the potential and real storms that can kill hundreds or even thousands. Abstract monochromatic forms layer over geographic diagrams to represent environmental disasters. We look at this information and see images of events that are happening now alongside events that will perhaps happen days from now.

My work is concerned with the filter through which we view meteorological and environmental events and how the simulated world that has developed as a result of satellite and digitalized imagery that has flooded media outlets. Through deconstructing imagery of these events as they are happening along with ones that are predicted to happen my work seeks to delve further into the blur between the simulated and real.  The blur between potential and actual events has divorced people from the natural environment and created a new and abstract understanding of the world. My work deconstructs, examines, and questions the imagery and abstract view of our world through the veil of the digital media that presents us with both the actual and potential. I leave the viewer to determine whether the events in my work have, were predicted, or may happen and question their understanding of the events.

Artist Website: www.jonathanmcfadden.com

Renée Vevea | Natural Elements

Opening Reception: October 24, 2012, 4–7p.m.

Natural Elements embodies a keen interest in displaying my art in public to share the vivid colors, imagery, textures and abstractions developed in the painting process. Natural Elements brings many pieces embodying nature and the interpretation thereof including the use of natural found items for use in building texture, shapes and depth to the paintings. A uniqueness of most of my pieces is that they can be hung in no particular direction — vertically, horizontally, "upside down" — for many there is no "right" way; hence, many of my pieces are signed on the edge of the painting, not the front. I have a huge appreciation for art and believe it should be shared for all to view, ponder and, potentially learn from. Art oftentimes brings the viewer inside the piece or themselves, and evokes feelings and emotions, along with discussion.

I enjoy painting in acrylics because of their fluidity and flexibility with the many compounds I incorporate. I love to layer multiple colors and use many different types of compounds and water to layer paint onto the canvas. I am currently working on an EdD in Leadership at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota and work in the interactive/ecommerce field for a large company in Minneapolis. In addition, I am an adjunct faculty member for the Art Institutes International and teach a variety of courses part-time. I find inspiration all around me including nature, music, social interactions, social commentary, fashion, design and education. I bridge creativity and an abstract business approach with logic and linear thinking fully embodying the left brain right brain persona as evidenced in my dimensional paintings.

Sample the intricate and abstract world of Renée Vevea Art at www.reneeveveaart.blogspot.com