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SuperSearch, A New Employee (cont.)

Ms. SuperSearch is internationally known for her illustrious parentage, but she wants everyone to know she is just an ordinary superhero. Her grandparents were Elton B. Stephens and Alys Robinson Stephens, who in 1944 formed a partnership to sell magazines and personalized binders to the U.S. Armed Forces. Their family, now known as EBSCO, has married into a number of other royal houses all over the research world.  Ms. SuperSearch, who was known as EBSCO Discovery Service before she adapted herself to life at Saint Mary’s, is just one of Elton and Alys’s many glamorous grandchildren.

“I’m thrilled to be at the Twin Cities Library, and I can’t wait to show SMU students and faculty what single searching is all about,” said Ms. SuperSearch, explaining that she is not a database (“whatever that is, darling”), but actually a tool that lets you search journal articles, books, conference papers, and more with just one or two keywords.  “It’s so easy, I’d hardly call it work.”

Ms. SuperSearch, whose first day on the job is Monday, May 20, is reportedly vacationing in Belize this week.  Her “frenemy” Sylvia Google was not available for comment.

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