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DSST Exam Resources

Twin Cities Library has a variety of recommended DSST preparation materials for the DSST Exams listed below. All materials can be borrowed for up to 60 days with a student ID card or with verification of your home address.


Peterson's Master the DSST Exams, book cover

Peterson's Master the DSST Exams. Volume 1: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the DSST Exams.
Published: 2017

Peterson's Master the DSST Exams Volume II : The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the DSST Exams.
Published: 2018

Art of the Western World

DSST fact sheet for Art of the Western World updated 2018

Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Global History, book cover

Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Global History
Published: 2016
Authors: Gardner, Helen & Kleiner, Fred S

Janson's History or Art, book cover

Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition
Published: 2011 (older edition)
Authors: Janson, H. W., and Davies, Penelope


DSST fact sheet for Astronomy. Updated 2018

21st Astronomy

21st Century Astronomy
Published: 2010
Hester, John Jeffrey

The essential Cosmic Perspective, book cover

The Essential Cosmic Perspective
Published: 2012
Author: Bennett, Jeffrey O.

Universe, book cover

Published: 2011 (older edition)
Authors: Freedman, Roger A.Geller, Robert M.; Kaufmann, William J.

Ethics in America

DSST exam fact sheet for Ethics in America. Updated 2017

Ethics: Theory and Practice
Published: 2009
Authors: Thiroux, Jacques P.; Krasemann, Keith W.

Moral Philosophy: Theories and Issues
Published: 2007
Author: Barcalow, Emmett

Health and Human Development

DSST exam fact sheet for Health and Human Development. Updated 2017

Core Concepts in Health, book cover

Core Concepts in Health
Published: 2008
Authors: Insel, Paul M.;Roth, Walton T.

Focus on Health
Published: 2009
Authors: Hahn, Dale B.; Payne, Wayne A.; Mauer, Ellen.

Introduction to Geography

DSST fact sheet for Introduction to Geography. Updated 2018

Geosystems: an introduction to physical geography, book cover

Geosystems: an Introduction to Physical Geography
Published: 2015
Authors: Christopherson, Robert W.; Birkeland, Ginger.

Introduction to World Religions

DSST exam fact sheet for Introduction to World Religions. Updated 2017

Religions of the World, book cover

Religions of the World
Published: 2007 (older version)
Author: Hopfe, Lewis M.

Personal Finance

DSST exam fact sheet for Personal Finance. Updated 2017

Personal Finance, book cover

Personal Finance
Published: 2012 (older version)
Author: Kapoor, Jack R.


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