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Minnesota Government Information

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Minnesota North Star
Provides general reference information specific to Minnesota, containing information on topics such as health and safety, social services, education, government, business and jobs, etc.


American FactFinder
American FactFinder is a free, interactive database that covers the 1997 and 2002 Economic Census, the American Community Survey, the 1990 Census, and Census 2000, and more.

Minnesota Community Profiles
This site allows you to access statistics of Minnesota communities, counties, regions, or legislative districts in the areas of demographics, major employers, education, economic development, transportation, utilities, and more. It also profiles demographic characteristics for major Minnesota cities.

Minnesota State Demographic Center
Compiles Minnesota demographics derived from thet state and U.S. Census Bureau.


Minnesota State Legislature
Provides access to audio and video coverage of House and Senate proceedings, updates of the status of bills, committee information, member profiles, and much more.

Historical Information about the Minnesota State Legislature
Includes information about House and Senate leadership, party control, women in the Minnesota Legislature, and historical information about the Minnesota State Government.

Minnesota Legislators: Past & Present
Includes a searchable list of current and previous Minnesota legislator profiles dating back to territorial times.

Minnesota Legislative Manual (Blue Book)
Contains the current Minnesota Legislative Manual, which can be downloaded. The Blue Book contains information about Minnesota, government procedures, and elected officials.


Minnesota Judicial Branch
Contains information about the apellate and district courts as well as court procedures.

Minnesota Statutes, Laws, and Rules
Allows users to search Minnesota statutes, laws, and rules and to view the entire Minnesota constitution.

Natural Resources

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: Laws, Treaties, & Related Documents
Contains documents related to Minnesota natural resources. Topics include conservation, game and fishing rules, statutes specific to Minnesota geographic areas, etc.

Minnesota State Parks
Details the activities available at specific parks (i.e. bird watching, camping, tours, lodging, etc.)

Minnesota Traveler Information
Road conditions, weather, travel, traffic reports.


Minnesota Newspaper Association
Provides demographic information on all Minnesota newspapers as well as supportive resources for journalists.

Office of the Governor
Includes press releases, podcasts, photo galleries, and contact information for the current governor.

Department of Education
Contains information on Minnesota educational standards, accountability programs, teacher support resources, statistics, and news.