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Grant Resources

Minnesota Grant Resources | National/Federal Grant Resources

Minnesota Grant Resources

Central MN Community Foundation
This directory focuses on grants for community organizations in central Minnesota. It includes grants for arts programming, educational initiatives, and other areas of interest.

City of Minneapolis: Office of Grants and Special Projects
This website offers a list of possible grants available for residents of Minneapolis and Minnesota. Linked grant opportunities cover all areas of interest, including arts, education, and science & technology.

Explore MN
These grant programs focus on funding for organizational programs that include tourism promotion and marketing funds.

Loft Literary Center
Grants offered by The Loft focus on writing as an art form and are primarily for intended for funding individual artists' endeavors.

McKnight Foundation
The McKnight Foundation offers a wide variety of grants that cover all areas of interest, including arts, educations, science & technology, and more. Most grants are intended for organizations.

MN Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund
These grants focus on the preservation of Minnesota history and cultural heritage, and include funding sources for arts, arts education, and access to the arts. This resource includes links to several related programs administered through various state agencies.

MN Department of Education
This list of grants funded through the Minnesota Department of Education focuses on various aspects of the educational field, including early learning, special education, and more.

MN Humanities Center
The Minnesota Humanities Center offers several grants to organizations that provide humanities programming around the state.

MN Office of Grants Management
This listing is an index of grants managed by state agencies. This resource includes grants for the arts, education, science & technology, and other specialties.

MN State Arts Board
This list of grants focuses on funding for individual artists, organizations , and programs that support the preservation of arts and cultural heritage in Minnesota. There are also a number of regional arts councils in Minnesota that administer grants to both individuals and organizations. Access a full list of these councils.

Women's Foundation of MN
The Women's Foundation grants focus on providing funding to organizations for programs that benefit women, including educational and social initiatives.

National/Federal Grant Resources is a directory of federally sponsored grant initiatives, with listings for all areas of interest and types of grants. Included in the website is an application feature for most of the listed federal grants. It has options to browse or search by topics.