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Twin Cities Library has millions of online resources (e.g., articles, dissertations, eBooks, streaming videos, etc.) plus thousands of print resources such as books, DVDs, assessment tests, and more. Browse resources by subject or discover specific material types below.

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Search for articles with SuperSearch, specific databases, or Google Scholar.

Assessment Tests

Find assessment test manuals, critiques, citation tips, unpublished tests and surveys, and borrowing policies.

Books & eBooks

Discover books and eBooks owned by Twin Cities Library and other libraries worldwide.

Book Reviews

Locate book reviews using sources recommended by Twin Cities Librarians.


Locate article databases that are recommended for your topic or browse the alphabetical list.


Want to know what eleemosynary means? Use these recommended dictionaries.


Find dissertations authored by Saint Mary's University students and by students from other universities.

DSST Exam Resources

Find DSST preparation materials available for check out from Twin Cities Library.

DVDs & Streaming Videos

Search for DVDs and streaming videos owned by Twin Cities Library, or search other libraries for DVDs.


Use encyclopedias to get a broad overview of a research topic.

Government Information -- Minnesota

Find general, statistical, or legal information about Minnesota.

Government Information -- United States

Find general, statistical, or legal information about the United States.

Grant Resources

Find Minnesota and national/federal grant resources related to arts, culture, education, and other social initiatives.


Discover images that can be used legally for educational purposes.


Find, evaluate, and request permission for research instruments.

Journals -- Online

Locate specific journals by name (e.g., Journal of Educational Research).

Journals -- Print

Browse a list of the print journals that are housed at the Twin Cities Library.


Find specific newspapers (e.g., The New York Times, Star Tribune, etc.) or search a topic in a newspaper database.

Open Access Resources

Scholarly resources included on this page do not require usernames, passwords, or payment!

Other Resources

Browse a list of resources that are not included in SuperSearch.


Need a fresh way to start a paper? Use a quotation found in these recommended sources.


Find reliable sources of statistics.


Search articles, books, and more all at once with SuperSearch.

SuperSearch Browser Tool

Search SuperSearch directly from your browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome).


At a loss for words? Use a thesaurus to find similar terms.

Think Tanks

Think you know everything? (Me too.) Discover a world of free research conducted by think tanks and policy institutes.

White Papers

Discover white papers: problem-solving reports published by companies or third-party groups.