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Common Sources for Datasets


Governments publish datasets in housing, education, industry, labor, health, and more. See for a listing of statistics publications.

Intergovernmental Organizations

Intergovernmenal organizations, such as the United Nations, publish datasets from around the globe. See UNSD to search the UN for datasets by subject.

Institutional Data Repositories

Many universities have data repositories, where researchers at the university store and share datasets and other research. Use the Registry of Data Repositories to search for datasets by topic.

Research Institutes and Think Tanks

Research institutes and think tanks often gather and publish statistics and datasets. See On Think Tanks to search for think tanks by place or subject.

Vetting Organizations

Think-tanks, research institutes, charities, and non-governmental organizations are important sources of information. However, they can vary in political leanings, research quality, and transparency. Here are some issues to consider:

  • What is their mission?
  • How are they funded? Do they have any sponsors?
  • Do they use reliable methods for collecting information?
  • Do they use reliable methods for analysing information?
  • Are they non-partisan?

For more infomation, consult our guide to Think Tanks.

Statistical Software

SPSS version 22 is installed across the TC campus:

  • student work computers in the Library
  • lab classrooms
  • computer labs

Get Microsoft 365 free! This includes, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Software Tutorials

SPSS 22 - Basics Training (Atomic Learning)
Log-into Atomic Learning with your SMU username and password (same as BlackBoard). Atomic Learning has many other in-depth technology tutorials.

Excel 2016 - Statistical Analysis (Atomic Learning)
Log into Atomic Learning with your SMU username and password (same as BlackBoard). Atomic Learning has many other in-depth technology tutorials.

Books (ordered alphabetically)

Cover image

R for Data Science
Published: 2017
Authors: Grolemund, Garrett and Wickham, Hadley

Book Jacket

SPSS for Applied Sciences: Basic Statistical Testing
Published: 2013
Author: Davis, Cole

Book Jacket

Quantitative and Statistical Research Methods: From Hypothesis to Results 
Published: 2012
Author: Martin, William E.

Book Jacket

Quantitative Methods in Educational and Social Research Using SPSS
Published: 2011
Authors: Tolmie, Andrew, McAteer, Erica and Muijs, Daniel


American FactFinder open access
American FactFinder is a database of the US Census Bureau. It has data and downloadable datasets about population demographics, business, housing, income, and more.

United Nations Statistics Division open access
Provides economic, demographic, environmental, and developmental statistics.

United States Census Bureau open access
Posts data from U.S. census, including statistics regarding people and households, business and industry, geography, and more.

World Bank open access
Access data from World Bank, an organization working toward sustainable globalization.

Intergovernmental Organizations

OECD Factbook open access
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) provides economic, environmental and social statistics for countries, covering economic production, education, environment, foreign aid, health, industry, information and communications, international trade, labor force, population, taxation, and public expenditure.

Research Institutes

Pew Research Center open access
Pew is a nonpartisan fact tank. They do extensive public polling of social and political issues. They also investigate social patterns, such as trends in information consumption and social media use.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention open access
The Data and Statistics section of the CDC has datasets on a variety of heatlh topics including, heart disease, smoking, injuries and violence, and kidney disease.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaide Services: Research, Statistics, Data and Systems open access
CMS is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps open access
County Health Rankings and Roadmaps is produced by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Indian Health Service open access
The IHS is a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Find health statistics on Native Alaskans and American Indians.

Minnesota Department of Health open access
The Minnesota Department of Health tracks and publishes data on health topics including water quality, obesity, health insurance, and more. Most data can be narrowed by city, county, or zip code.

National Center for Health Statistics (Centers for Disease Control) open access
The NCHS is the statistics division of the CDC. Find extensive datasets on a variety of health topics including: opioids, vaccinations, depression, smoking, heart disease, and injuries.

United States Cancer Statistics open access
USCS is produced by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute. It includes data on cancer incidents, deaths, and related items.

Intergovernmental Organizations

Global Health Observatory open access
The GHO is from the World Health Organization. It is a extensive resource for data on all topics related to health, including vaccinations, universal health coverage, women's health, and more.

Research Institutes

American Cancer Society: Cancer Statistics Center open access

Global Health Exchange open access
The Global Health Exchange is the data catalog from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Public Health Partners: Health Data, Tools, and Statistics open access
Partners links to data and data tools. Data is organized by region, demographics, and some health topics. It is a great place to browse for available datasets.

Demographic and Social Data

Pew Research Institute open access
Pew is a nonpartisan fact tank. They do extensive public polling of social and political issues.

United Nations: Demographic and Social Statistics open access
Find international statistics on housing, violence against women, people with disabilities and more.

United States Census open access
The U.S. Census reports demographic data searchable by region or even zip code. It also includes income, housing, and economic data.

Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics open access
Find compiled statistics about children from various federal agencies. Topics include social environment, economic circumstances, health care, safety, behavior, education, and health.


United States Bureau of Labor open access
Provides labor related statistics, including inflation and prices, spending and time use, employment, pay, productivity, workplace injuries, international comparisons, and more.

United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics open access
Posts statistics on the airline and freight industries.

Department of Commerce open access
Details officials working in the Department of Commerce, services available, and budget and performance.

Foreign Trade Statistics open access
Includes foreign trade highlights, press releases, and country and state trade statistics.

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