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American FactFinder

American FactFinder is a free, interactive database that covers the 1997 and 2002 Economic Census, the American Community Survey, the 1990 Census, and Census 2000, and more.

Bureau of Labor

Provides labor related statistics, including inflation and prices, spending and time use, employment, pay, productivity, workplace injuries, international comparisons, and more.

Bureau of Labor-Midwest Information Office

Contains geographic specific information inflation, pay, consumer spending, etc.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Posts statistics on the airline and freight industries.

Posts data from U.S. census, including statistics regarding people and households, business and industry, geography, and much more.

Includes statistics on U.S. children and families.Topics include social environment, economic circumstances, health care, safety, behavior, education, and health.

County and City Data Book 2007

Most comprehensive data source for U.S. counties and cities. Topics covered include age, agriculture, business establishments, crime, deaths, earnings, education, elections, employment, health, households, income, labor force, population, poverty, race and Hispanic origin, social services, and more.

Department of Commerce

Details officials working in the Department of Commerce, services available, and budget and performance.

Economic Census

Profiles the economic census every five years, which includes information on programs such as data on women and minority-owned businesses.

FBI: Uniform Crime Reports

Collects U.S. crime statistics.


Compiles statistics derived from U.S. government agencies, including states, county, and city profiles, agency press releases, and statistics on topics (e.g., adoption, AIDS/HIV, and drug use).

Foreign Trade Statistics

Includes foreign trade highlights, press releases, and country and state trade statistics.

OECD Factbook

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) provides economic, environmental and social statistics for countries, covering economic production, education, environment, foreign aid, health, industry, information and communications, international trade, labor force, population, taxation, and public expenditure.

Pew Research Center

From their website: "Provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the conducting public opinion polling and social science research; by analyzing news coverage; and by holding forums and briefings."

State and County QuickFacts

Provides census data specific to geographic areas.

Statistical Abstract

Summarizes social, economic, and political data from Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor, and other federal agencies.

United Nations Statistics Division

Provides economic, demographic, environmental, developmental statistics.

World Bank

Access data from World Bank, an organization working toward sustainable globalization.