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Think Tanks

Thinks tanks, policy institutes, and research institutes are all names for organizations that focus on research and advocacy for particular topics. Some think tanks are non-profit organizations, while others are for-profit ventures.

It is important to carefully evaluate the information provided by think tanks. The research may be funded, and thus influenced, by groups (including businesses, governments, and/or advocacy groups) with particular agendas or special interests in the research outcomes.

Find Policy: Think Tank Search

Administered by a research interest group, this index organizes think tanks by topic and location. Each category group offers a search of the organizations' websites.

Harvard Library: Think Tank Search

This directory, administered by Harvard University Library, lists think tanks that focus on public policy. It includes organizations both in the United States and internationally.

National Institute for Research Advancement: Think Tank Search

This directory, administered by Japan's National Institute for Research Advancement, includes think tanks worldwide that focus on a variety of subjects. Each entry contains contact information about the organization, as well as links to its website and a brief description of its subject focus.

On Think Tanks

On Think Tanks is an unaffiliated research interest group that provides this list of think tanks as an addition to their blog. It is not organized, but offers unique lists of research-related organizations.

Think Tank and Civil Society Program Index

This index lists the top think tanks (according to the TTCSP's ranking standards) by region, area of study, and any special achievements the organizations have accomplished.

University of North Carolina: Think Tank Search

This search tool, created by the University of North Carolina Library, is set up to search the websites of three hundred think tanks – both international and in the United States. Select Search this resource for access.