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White Papers

A white paper is a report published by a company or third-party group designed to help readers understand an issue or solve a problem.


White papers can be very useful for analyzing current issues within an industry, but be aware that they are produced with the intent to market a business’ products. Although they may be educational and objective in their tone, it is important to recognize the implicit bias in their view.

More information on the purpose of white papers can be found at the Purdue Owl.

Business & Technology


This database offers white papers and other media related to technological topics such as software development, networking, and security.

Computer World

This directory features white papers that focus on technological security, including network security and responding to cyber threats.

Content Marketing Institute

This resource provides several white papers related to the marketing field, including information on marketing-related technology and audience profiles.

Find White Papers

This repository offers a collection of white papers on information technology and related topics, including data management, software development, and human resource technology.

IEEE Spectrum

This directory contains white papers that discuss both the hardware and software sides of information technology. It features white papers from such companies as IBM, Intel, and National Instruments.

Info World

This resource provides a variety of white papers on technological topics, including information on data and network security, applications and their development, and mobile technology.

Information Week

This repository of white papers offers content on a variety of subjects, including health care, management, and a variety of technology and software topics.

IT Business Edge

This resource offers white papers on a variety of information technology and business-related topics, including budget management, data management, and IT security.

Knowledge Storm

This repository of white papers offers both business and technology related resources, and features such topics as customer service, sales and marketing, and systems management.


This directory features white papers dedicated to business fields. Topic areas include project and performance management, business intelligence, and data analysis.

Tech Republic

This directory features on a number of technological topics, including wireless networks and development testing. It features white papers from companies such as IBM, HP, and Sage.


This website focuses on offering white papers related to information technology topics. Examples include: communications systems, IT security, cloud computing, and network analytics.


Adobe Higher Education

This website collects several white papers published by Adobe, with a focus on educational and assessment technology for higher education students.

Carnegie Mellon Eberly Center

This resource from Carnegie Mellon University features several white papers that discuss aspects related to teaching with technology.

Education Networks of America

This website offers white papers published by Education Networks of America, and focuses on the implementation and use of networks and broadband in K-12 schools.

Education Week

This website offers white papers on a variety of education-related topics, including assessment, classroom behavior, and educational technology.

eSchool News

This repository offers a wide selection of white papers on education related topics, with a focus on online learning, online instruction, and related technologies.

Pearson Education

This directory features white papers published by Pearson Education, and includes papers on topics including pre-K through 12 education, higher education, and assessment tools.

Health & Science

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

This resource from the AACN features several white papers relevant to the nursing and health care fields, with a focus on the education of nurses at the bachelor’s and master’s level.

Information Week

This repository of white papers offers content on a variety of subjects, including health care, management, and a variety of technology and software topics.

National Science Foundation

This repository provided by the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences offers a wide variety of white papers in many fields. Topics in this resource include: mental health, teaching and instruction, cultural heritage, and economics.

Physician's Foundation

This directory features white papers that were commissioned by the Physician's Foundation on a number of topics in health care, including the Affordable Care Act and health care costs.