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Congratulations on your graduation! And cheers to continued learning and growth. Now that you're a graduate, find out how libraries in Minnesota can support your lifelong learning and academic pursuits.

Alumni Author Spotlight

SMU Alumni Author Spotlight Book Cover

Baas, S. A. (2012). What does it mean to be Hmong in the Twin Cities of Minnesota? Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

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Author Sally Baas is a 2011 graduate of Saint Mary's University's EDD program.


Find answers to alums' most frequently asked questions.

Online Resources (Databases)

Learn about your options for accessing online resources when you become an alum.

Print Resources (Books and DVDs)

Learn how your access to our print and video resources changes when you become an alum.

Saint Mary's University Alumni Page

Visit Saint Mary's University's main alumni page to learn about events, benefits, and other services.