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Overdue, Lost, & Damaged Items

Twin Cities Library aspires to make resources available to the most students possible and therefore, encourages students to return items in a timely manner and in good condition.

Overdue Items

Students are responsible for the timely return of library materials. When items become three weeks overdue, library and student accounts are:

  • blocked
  • charged a $100 replacement fee for each item

Blocks are removed upon receipt of the item (in good condition), replacement fee, or replacement copy (see Replacement Copies section).

At four months overdue, replacement fees become non-refundable, and replacement copies are no longer accepted.

Lost or Damaged Items

Students may either pay $100 replacement fees or provide replacement copies (see Replacement Copies section) for lost or damaged items.

Replacement Copies

Students may provide replacement copies for Twin Cities Library items only. This policy does not apply to interlibrary loan items.

Replacement copies must be in new condition and the same or most recently published edition. Blocks and replacement fees are removed upon receipt of the replacement copy.

Faculty and Staff

Once an item has become three weeks overdue, library records are blocked. If an item is returned in good condition, blocks on library records are removed. If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, please contact the Library. If the item costs more than $50, you will be charged a replacement fee.