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Comprehensive Exam Services (Ed.D.)

Requesting Materials

During comprehensive exams, you are our top priority. Email us one week in advance to let us know when your comp exam will begin, and we will process the interlibrary loan items you have ordered above all others. There is no limit on the number of items you can request through interlibrary loan during the comprehensive exam period. For more information, read the interlibrary loan policies.

Research Assistance

As doctoral students, you are expected to be able to conduct research independently, so we cannot assist you with search strategies during comprehensive exams. However, we can help you obtain specific resources. Simply request the item, and we will obtain the requested items for you. Please refer back to your committee chair if you need assistance locating resources during the comprehensive exam.

Once the comprehensive exam concludes, unlimited library assistance resumes. If you have more questions, please make an appointment.