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Dissertation Resources

Dissertation Guides

ABD? Not for long! Jumpstart your dissertation with our books, which will guide you through finding your topic to managing your committee.

Dissertation Template

Download the Writing Center's Microsoft Word dissertation template, which is already in APA format.

Saint Mary's Dissertations

Find print and electronic dissertations authored by Saint Mary's students. You will also find dissertations published by other institutions.

Google Scholar

Install Saint Mary's Google Scholar on your computer, copy and paste citations, and use Cited by to find recent research on your topic.

Citing, Saving, Notetaking

Discover options for citing, saving, and taking notes on your resources. This guide includes resources for copying and pasting citations.


Are you planning to use a survey or questionnaire in your research? See our instruments guide for more information.

Research Methods

Find seminal books on qualitative and quantitative research that you can cite in Chapter 3 of your dissertation.

Publishing Your Dissertation as a Journal Article

Get advice for turning your dissertation findings into a journal article. This guide also includes tips for avoiding scams.