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Doctoral Student Support

Our goal is to make your doctoral research experience as easy as possible. Learn about our services below that will save you time and energy.


As doctoral students, you are expected to be able to conduct research independently, a must-have skill for comprehensive exams. Watch the SuperSearch and Search Strategies tutorials to become expert researchers.

Articles, Books, & More

Discover Twin Cities Library's 200+ million online resources plus thousands of print resources such as books, DVDs, assessment tests, and more.

Assessment Tests

Browse Twin Cities Library's assessment tests for the Ed.D. and Psy.D. programs.

Comprehensive Exam Services

Learn how Twin Cities Library can (and cannot) support you during your comprehensive exam.

Contact My Librarian

Need research assistance? Contact the doctoral librarian for your program.

Dissertation Resources

Search for print and electronic dissertations, get books on finishing your dissertation, find editors, and submit your dissertation to ProQuest.

Writing & APA Assistance

Learn about the resources provided by the Twin Cities Writing Center.