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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry - Twin Cities Library, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

Food & Beverages

Students need to eat, which is why we encourage the consumption of snack food and beverages in containers with secure lids or caps. In the event that a spill occurs, please report it immediately to the library staff. Library staff members reserve the right to ask users to take food and drink outside the library.

Children in the Library

Twin Cities Library is committed to providing an environment conducive to academic research and study. Our space is primarily intended for the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota community.

Children of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota community members—faculty, staff, and students—are welcome here. However, while they are in the Library, an adult must accompany children under age 16 at all times, and children may not use Twin Cities Library computers. Children who are left unattended, or who intentionally or unintentionally disrupt others' work, will be asked to leave the Library.