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Technology & Study Space

Main Library

The Main Library, located in room 108 of LaSalle Hall, contains the general collection of reference and circulating books, the video and DVD collection, and assessment tests for Counseling and Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Doctor of Education in Leadership students.


The Main Library provides six (6) computers with Internet access for searching the library catalog and databases. These computers have Microsoft Office 2010 programs, which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. In addition, the computers also have data analysis software, such as SPSS.

You may view DVDs with headphones on the library computers. Headphones are available for check-out. The library is a wireless environment for those who have such laptop capability, and it also contains a printer for student and faculty use. Copiers and scanners are available elsewhere in the Lasalle Hall building. Printing costs 10 cents per piece of paper, which is charged directly to your student account.

Study Space

Study carrels, laptop chairs, and tables are available for group or individual study. Reference assistance is available during all hours that the library is open. While we endeavor to respect the study needs of all, due to its small size, the library is not designated a “quiet space.”

Special Collections

The Special Collections room, located across from the Main Library in room 132 of LaSalle Hall, contains the curriculum collection for the Saint Mary's Education programs. Five (5) additional computers and a VHS-equipped television are available in this space.

The Special Collections room is also a wireless environment for use with laptop computers. The library has multiple study tables and chairs available for group or individual study. The library space can be reserved by filling out the reservation form. You will receive an email from the library once your reservation request has been confirmed.