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Library Resources in BB / Engage

Blackboard and Engage are excellent platforms for providing access to library resources and for enhancing course content with multimedia. Learn how to find and embed librarian-recommended online videos, podcasts, and technology tools into your Blackboard/Engage page for your students to view anytime, anywhere.

Linking to Articles in Blackboard and Engage

Learn how to embed article links in Blackboard to provide efficient access to assigned readings and abide by copyright rules and regulations. NOTE: Faculty members can learn how to create links for Engage; however, they should contact their Engage technology support person for help regarding embedding the links.

Copyright Issues in Blackboard and Engage

Learn why you should link to articles in Blackboard/Engage instead of handing out or emailing copies of articles to students.


eBrarian is Twin Cities Library's instructional program that teaches students how to find, evaluate, and use information. Student learning and interaction with librarians takes place entirely within Blackboard/Engage.