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Note: Some database PDFs are currently unavailable. Why?

Education Resources Information Center ( was created by the federal government in 1964, and it contains abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice. documents include such publications as unpublished and published research reports, papers presented at meetings, in-house documents, tests, selected government publications, questionnaires, and more. No log in is required.

Accessing  |  Searching  |  Finding Full Text  |  Saving, Printing, Emailing


  • Mouseover the articles, books, & more tab at the top of the Twin Cities Library website, and select Databases.  Choose ERIC (Classic) from the list.

Searching contains so much information that searching can be overwhelming. Don't give up! Searching with's Descriptors is a great way to retrieve a manageable number of relevant search results.

  • Change the field to search from Keywords to Descriptors
  • Instead of typing in your own search term, click the link under the search box titled "Use Thesaurus to help find Descriptors." This will help you find the "right" words and phrases to use in your search.
Searching search results search results

Finding the full text of articles

If does not have the full text of an article, you can find a Saint Mary's database that does have access. There are three pieces of information you need from your article to find the full text. First is the journal name, second is the year that your article was published, and third is the individual article title.

  • Go to TC Library's home page.
  • Under the Articles tab, select the Journals A-Z link.
  • Type in the name of the journal that is listed in the citation and click Search.
  • One of the following will happen:
    • A list of databases will pop-up showing availability.
      • Click on the database name that has access to the publication year for which you are looking.
      • Once you are in the database, you can either do an article title search, or, if you have the volume and issue number of the article, click on the year and volume and issue number to access the full text of the article.
    • The message, "Sorry, this search returned no results" will appear. If so, double check your spelling and try again. If you receive the same error message, fill out the blank Interlibrary Loan request form to manually request the article.

Saving, Printing, and Emailing Articles

To print, email, and save records, you can use the "Clipboard" feature of

  • Add an article to "My Clipboard" by clicking the Add/clipboard icon in the top right corner of each article record.
  • Access your articles by clicking the "Items in my Clipboard" link at the top of the page.
  • Check the boxes next to the articles you wish to use, then click the corresponding links at the top of the page to print, email, or save them for later use. To save articles permanently, you will need to create a free account (all you have to provide is a username and password).

If you open the article as a PDF, print or save the article using the buttons on the PDF page. Printing