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Note: Some ERIC database PDFs are currently unavailable. Why?

ERIC via EBSCO contains abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice. ERIC documents include such publications as unpublished and published research reports, papers presented at meetings, in-house documents, tests, selected government publications, questionnaires, and more.

Accessing  |  Searching  |  Citing  |  Saving, Printing, Emailing

Accessing ERIC via EBSCO

  • Mouseover the articles, books, & more tab at the top of the Twin Cities Library website, and select Databases.  Choose ERIC from the list.
  • Off-campus users: You will be prompted to enter your Saint Mary's University username and password after you select a database.

Searching in ERIC via EBSCO

searching EBSCO

ERIC via EBSCO search results

ERIC via EBSCO search results

Citing Articles


On the results page, click the hyperlinked article title. On the resulting page, the right column of the page contains tools. The 5th icon down—Cite—will be of particular interest: Click on it and a page pops up with information you need to create an APA citation. Note: For articles whose full text you retrieved from ERIC, you will need to include an ERIC number in your citation (p. 212 of APA Manual). EBSCO does not provide this number in the pre-made citation, but it is available on the article record page. Click here for an example.

Saving, Printing and Emailing Your Article Results

After you open an article record or your folder of marked articles, you can save, print or email the article(s) by using the links provided in the toolbar on the upper right-hand side of the page.

What if my article is not available in full text?

Articles will either be available in PDF Full Text or directly from ERIC database (look for the Full Text from ERIC icon). If article full text is not available, look for the hyperlinked Full Text Options - Saint Mary's University link. If you find an article citation in one database but cannot access the full text, Full Text Options - Saint Mary's University links you to other databases that do carry that article in full text. If no databases carry the full text of the article,Full Text Options - Saint Mary's University takes you to SMU's Interlibrary Loan page.