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Gale Virtual Reference Library

Saint Mary's University of MN subscription to Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) contains a small collection of online reference resources. This collection currently includes three volumes of the Business Plans Handbook, the Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration, the Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns, and the Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology.

Accessing  |  Searching  |  Citing, Saving, Printing, Emailing

Accessing Gale Virtual Reference Library

  • Mouseover the articles, books, & more tab at the top of the Twin Cities Library website, and select Databases.  Choose Gale Virtual Reference Library from the list.
  • Off-campus users: You will be prompted to enter your Saint Mary's University username and password after you select a database.

Searching Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Search Page

Gale Subject Browsing By clicking the link Subject Guide Search (see screenshot above for location) you can also browse subject terms containing the keyword(s) you enter. Example: Search education. On the results page, click the hyperlinked subject term "Education" to retrieve articles tagged as being about education. The link Related subjects offers other subject terms that may be useful. Once you've located relevant subject headings, you can conduct an Advanced Search using your original keywords and the subject headings you found. Change the dropdown menu next to the boxes where you enter your subject search terms: Subject (su).

Gale Virtual Reference Library Results Page

If your search is too broad and returns too many results, no problem! You can easily narrow your search. In the upper left corner of the results screen, a search box allows you to search within your results for article containing specific terms.

Gale Results Page

Citing, Saving, Printing, and Emailing GVRL articles

Gale ToolsOpen the article record by clicking the hyperlinked article title on your Gale Virtual Reference Library results page. On the right side of the resulting page, you should see a red Tools box. You can use the links provided in the box to view, download and save, email, and cite your article. When you email an article to yourself, you can choose a specific citation style. If you click the link Citation Tools, you have to use third party citation software to access the citation (Saint Mary's does not use any third party citation software).

Notable features of Gale: You can immediately stream and listen to a reading of any GVRL article by using the "ReadSpeak" icon at the top of the article record page. You can also download an MP3 of the article to play on your personal MP3 device. Another great feature is the option to translate an article into one of several languages offered in the dropdown menu. Translations are performed by a computer program, so errors may exist.