LexisNexis is good for searching for news and current events, business and industry information, and legal resources. Legal resources include U.S. Federal and state case law, codes, international legal information, law reviews, legal news, and regulations. Business information includes business news journals, company financial information, SEC filings and reports, and industry and market news.

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Accessing LexisNexis

Getting Started Searching

LexisNexis defaults you to the Easy Search™ page which searches the entire content of the LexisNexis database. In order to create an easy but more relevant search, use the content-specific search tabs (News, Legal, etc.) to build a search within different types and subjects of information.

LexisNexis Easy Search

Knowing how to search in LexisNexis

Terms & Connectors vs. Natural Language

LexisNexis gives you the option to search with "Terms and Connectors" (above). This is useful because you can really specify where you want your keywords to appear in the search. Below are the various commands you can use in LexisNexis. To find out and better understand their individual functions, please visit the Help tab in the upper right corner of the LexisNexis search screen, or click Tips for using search connectors, located under the search box. On the help page in the Contents index, select Search Connectors and Commands.

Terms & Connectors Commands

Searching News sources

LexisNexis News search

Searching Legal sources

Use the Legal tab to find law reviews, federal and state cases and codes, tax law, and international legal materials. LexisNexis defaults you to the Law Reviews tab, but you can search other types of legal information by selecting the red links on the left side of the search page (below).

LexisNexis Legal search

Searching Business sources

Use the Business tab to retrieve corporate information, financial reports about a company, trade publications, SEC filings, industry research reports, and country profiles reporting business opportunities and risk reports. You can also use the "Compare Companies" search form to compare up to 5 companies at a time.

LexisNexis Business search

Saving, Printing, Emailing Articles

Printing, emailing, and saving LexisNexis articles

1. Access the full text of and citation information for an article by clicking the blue, hyperlinked article title.
2. Search within your results by adding additional keywords, or start over with a completely new search.
3. On the left hand menu, you can see your search results grouped by sources, subjects, industry, company, etc.
4. "Tag" specific articles by marking the boxes next to their titles. You can view, print, or email yourself the articles later.
5. Use these icons to print, email, or save and download your "tagged" results. Downloading and saving LexisNexis articlesWhen downloading and saving an article, LexisNexis gives you options for the type of file created (Word document, PDF, etc.). The open book icon to the far right allows you to export a citation to the bibliographic management software Refworks. (You'll need your own paid Refworks account to use this feature.)

Tutorial Formats

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