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ProQuest Databases

ProQuest provides a collection of databases that support a wide range of academic subjects including health, education, news, public safety, and religion. Many articles are peer reviewed, available in full text, and intended for a scholarly audience.

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ProQuest Databases

Global Newsstream
U.S. and international news.

ProQuest Psychology Journals
Abstracts / Full text journal articles and recent dissertations in the field of psychology.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
Doctoral dissertations and master's theses.

Accessing ProQuest Databases

  • Mouseover the articles, books, & more tab at the top of the Twin Cities Library website, and select Databases.  Choose a ProQuest database from the list.
  • Off-campus users: You will be prompted to enter your Saint Mary's University username and password after you select a database.

Searching ProQuest Databases

The top half of the search page (fig. 1) is for entering your search terms. The bottom half of the page (fig. 2)—everything under Search options—is for limiting your search. Depending on the subject database that you're using (see the right column), you may have additional options. For example, the limits below are specific to the field of psychology (note the different document types).Searching ProQuest

Search Results

ProQuest Search Results

Citing, Saving, Printing, and Emailing Articles

The database can create 6th edition APA reference citations for you. To view a citation for an article, click on the hyperlinked article title. On the resulting page, the blue toolbar at the top of the page contains tools: the third icon says Cite. Note: Always check the citations for formatting accuracy—often databases offer inaccurately formatted citations. You may manually need to locate and include an article's DOI number: learn how here.

After you open an article record or your folder of marked articles, you can save, print or email the article(s) by using the links provided in the blue toolbar at the top of the page (see below). Also note you can create a free ProQuest account to save your research and access it anywhere!

ProQuest Document Viewing

What if the article is NOT available in full text?

If article full text is not available, look for the Full Text Options - Saint Mary's University link. If you find an article citation in one database (i.e. ProQuest Psychology Journals) but cannot access the full text, Full Text Options - Saint Mary's University links you to other databases that do carry that article in full text. If no databases carry the full text of the article, Full Text Options - Saint Mary's University takes you to SMU's Interlibrary Loan page.