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Sage Journals

What is Sage Journals?

Sage Journals is a broad assemblage of discipline-specific databases containing peer-reviewed journals published by Sage. Subjects within Sage Journals include:


Applied psychology, developmental psychology, personality assessment, child development, and clinical, cognitive, counseling, and social psychology.


Organizational studies, management, business, human resources, marketing, public policy, public administration, industrial relations.


Methodology, higher education, secondary education, vocational, measurement & testing, educational psychology.

Health Sciences

Social studies of health, public policy, health services & administration, health education, community/public health nursing.


Accessing  |  Searching  |  Saving, Printing, Emailing

Accessing Sage Journals

  • Mouseover the articles, books, & more tab at the top of the Twin Cities Library website, and select Databases.  Choose Sage Journals from the list.
  • Off-campus users: You will be prompted to enter your Saint Mary's University username and password after you select a database.

Searching Sage Journals

Sage Journals defaults you to their Advanced Search page. A database search is only as good as you make it and the advanced search screen allows you to search for your keywords in specific information fields (like the abstract or title) rather than the entire document. This increases the likelihood of relevant search results. Use AND to search for multiple terms, and OR to search for synonymous terms.

Sage search screen

Screenshot of Sage's Search Results
Sage results screen

Saving, Printing, & Emailing Articles

To print and save an article, click the Full Text (PDF) link within each article record on the results page (see image above). Save or print the article via the PDF toolbar (below).

Sage printing icon

To email an article to yourself you have to have an account with Sage. Accounts are free but Sage requires a marginal amount of information at sign up. Once you have an account and are back on your results page, check the box labeled "Check item" (see image above) then click the gray and green "Add to my Citations" button on the right side of the results screen. Access your marked items by clicking the "Go" button under the My Marked Citations box. On the resulting page you will see a gray email button (remember: if you are not signed into a Sage account, you will not have the option to email yourself an article).

Note: Sage Journals does not have a citation generator. You can export citations to citation management software programs (like RefWorks or EndNote) but Saint Mary's does not offer access to any of these.

What if article full text is NOT available?

Because the database Sage Journals provides online access to the full text of individual journals published by Sage, all articles should be available to you in full text. Please let a librarian know if you have trouble accessing an article.