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A webinar (short for Web-based seminar) is a online presentation or meeting accessed by computer. Webinars provide an excellent opportunity for distance students and faculty to receive instructional services from Twin Cities librarians.

Requesting Instruction via Webinar

Instructors who are interested in scheduling a library instruction session via webinar should request library instruction at least two weeks before the requested class time. Please specify on the instruction request form that you would prefer the session to be conducted via webinar. Also specify the type of audio connection you would prefer. The librarian will work with IT, site coordinators, and you to ensure the technology is in place to conduct the webinar.

For more information, contact your librarian.

Required Technology

Saint Mary's University uses the webinar software GoToMeeting. This free software download needs to be installed on the classroom computer. There are several options for the audio connection. Teleconferencing is an option for small classrooms. For larger classes, use the computer's microphone and speakers. If no microphone is available, GoToMeeting has a chat box so questions can be asked via chat.

Before beginning a webinar, the instructor should make sure the audio and visual technology is working (see our "how to" guide below). To access the webinar the instructor just needs to select the webinar link provided in an email from the librarian.

Twin Cities Library has prepared "how to" guides to help you with the webinar setup.