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DOI Numbers

DOI numbers are important both for citing articles in APA citation format and for retrieving articles online. Read more about DOI numbers below.

What is a DOI Number?

DOI stands for digital object identifier. DOI numbers can be assigned to almost anything—books, videos, images—but you will see them primarily on academic journal articles. The purpose of a DOI number is to make an item more easily retrievable. Note: assigning DOI numbers to items is optional, so not all resources have DOI numbers associated with them.

DOI Resolver System

The online DOI resolver system tells you information about the item, including where to get it. You might be prompted to buy the item, but never do that. Twin Cities Library can get the resource for you for free, either through one of our databases or through Interlibrary Loan.

Find more information about articles by entering the DOI number into the DOI Resolver System, available at

Locating DOI Numbers in Databases

Because you need to include DOI numbers in your APA citations, you need to know where to locate them in databases. Here are some examples of where to locate DOI numbers in popular Saint Mary's University databases.


In SuperSearch, find an item's DOI number in the premade APA citation.

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EBSCO Databases

In EBSCO databases, find an item's DOI number on the results page or in the premade APA citation.

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Sage Journals

In Sage Journals, open the full text of the item. The title page of the item will list the DOI number.

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In Emerald, you can find an item's DOI number by opening up the abstract and scrolling down.

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Google Scholar

In Google Scholar, you are taken to a publisher's webpage when you select an item's title. You will have to look around a bit to see if there is a DOI number available.

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