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Academic Research: An Overview

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the research task ahead of you? Take a deep breath and don't worry; we've got a research plan for you in three manageable steps.

Step 1: Choose your Research Topic

Research Plan Checklist

Learn how to organize, schedule, and plan your research.
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Developing a Research Question

Learn how to narrow your research topic and develop a research question suitable for a literature review.

  1. Identifying a Topic
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  2. Drafting a Research Question
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  3. Evaluating a Research Question
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Step 2: Search for Information

Finding Articles, Books, and More

Learn how to find and access articles, books, eBooks, videos, dissertations, assessment tests, and more all in a single search using SuperSearch.
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Requesting Items from Other Libraries

Learn how to request articles, books, dissertations, and DVDs owned by Twin Cities Library and beyond.
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Getting One-on-One Research Help

Request a research appointment with one of us! Or, walk-in and get assistance from the librarian on-duty.
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Step 3: Get APA & Writing Help

Getting APA Citations

Discover how to get premade APA citations that can be copied and pasted into a reference list.
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Getting One-on-One Writing Help

Request an appointment with a Writing Center consultant.
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