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Learn how to find, evaluate, and use information. Select one of the categories below to get started.

+ Getting Started

Library Services

Learn about Twin Cities Library's services and resources.
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Top Ten Research Time Savers

Spend a little time learning how to save a LOT of time when conducting academic research.
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Academic Research: An Overview

Learn how to define a research topic, find information, and cite in APA style. The ABC's of research!
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Developing a Research Question

Learn how to narrow your research topic and develop a research question suitable for a literature review.

  1. Identifying a Topic
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  2. Drafting a Research Question
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  3. Evaluating a Research Question
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+ Finding Information

SuperSearch Overview

View a short demo of all helpful features of SuperSearch, our academic search engine.
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Searching with SuperSearch

Learn how to find and access articles, books, eBooks, videos, dissertations, assessment tests, and more all in a single search using SuperSearch. This is our big, comprehensive SuperSearch tutorial.
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Constructing Searches

Learn how to build effective searches using Boolean operators, truncation, phrases, and more.
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Refining Search Results

Learn how to refine your search results to obtain the most relevant results using SuperSearch's built-in features.
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Getting Full Text

Learn how to get the full text of articles in SuperSearch.
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SuperSearch Browser Tool

Install SuperSearch into your favorite browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari), and you'll never have to find the library's website again!
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Google Scholar

Learn how to use Google Scholar to search for and request articles.
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Finding Articles from Citations

Learn how to find and request a specific article using Google Scholar.
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Finding & Downloading eBooks

Learn how to locate and download eBooks from SuperSearch.
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Finding Books from Other Libraries

Learn how to locate books from other libraries within the United States.
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Finding SMU Books & DVDs

Learn how to locate books and DVDs owned by Twin Cities Library.
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Database Guides

Learn how to search and narrow topics in specific databases (e.g., PsycTESTS, ERIC, ProQuest Newspapers, PubMed, etc.) Tutorials include instructions for citing, emailing, printing, and saving articles.
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+ Information Types

Peer-Reviewed vs. Trade/Professional vs. Magazine Articles

Learn how to distinguish between peer-reviewed, trade/professional, and popular magazine articles.
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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Learn how to find, read, and organize information from peer-reviewed journal articles.
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+ Evaluating Information

Evaluating Peer-Reviewed Articles

Learn how to evaluate peer-reviewed articles for your research assignment.

  1. Credibility
    Formats:  Interactive (Standard)  |  Interactive (iPad)  |  Word (form)  |  Word  |  PDF
  2. Relevancy
    Formats:  Interactive (Standard)  |  Interactive (iPad)  |  Word (form)  |  Word  |  PDF
  3. Accuracy
    Formats:  Interactive (Standard)  |  Interactive (iPad)  |  Word (form)  |  Word  |  PDF
  4. Purpose
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Evaluation Criteria - Books and Articles

Learn evaluation criteria specific to books and periodicals.
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Evaluation Criteria - Websites

Learn evaluation criteria specific to information found on the Internet.
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+ Requesting Material

Requesting an Item

Learn how to request articles, books, dissertations, and DVDs owned by Twin Cities Library and beyond.
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+ Managing Accounts

Storing & Organizing Resources

Sign up for a SuperSearch account, save articles and searches, create customized folders, set up search alerts, and more.
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Usernames & Passwords

Find database, SuperSearch, and interlibrary loan usernames and passwords.
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View, Renew, & More

Learn how to view and renew your checked-out items using your library account.
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Request an ID Card

Request a Saint Mary's University ID card. Your ID card is also your library card.
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+ Writing & APA

Citing Resources in SuperSearch

Learn how to retrieve pre-made APA citations from SuperSearch.
Formats:  Interactive (Standard)  |  Interactive (iPad)

Getting APA Citations

Discover how to get premade APA citations that can be copied and pasted into a reference list.
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DOI Numbers

Learn how to identify and locate DOI numbers to use in your APA citations.
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+ eBrarian Tutorials

eBrarian is Twin Cities Library's instructional program that teaches students how to find, evaluate, and use information. Browse the eBrarian tutorials or learn more about the eBrarian program.

+ Faculty Tutorials

New Faculty Orientation

Learn about the library, staff, and how we can help you and your students.
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Linking to Articles in Blackboard and Engage

Learn how to include links to library articles within your Blackboard and Engage courses.
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If your class is not located on the Twin Cities campus, don't worry. A librarian can provide instruction for your class via webinar. Read this tutorial to learn how.
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Learn how to SuperSearch - Standard Version
Learn how to SuperSearch - iPad-friendly Version