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Top Ten Research Time Savers

Spend a little time learning how to save a lot of time when conducting academic research. Twin Cities librarians compiled a list of our top ten tips to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend doing your homework. Each link takes you to a succinct library video tutorial, webpage, or blog post that suggests ways to more efficiently and effectively conduct part of the research process.

1. Add SuperSearch to your Browser

Install SuperSearch into your favorite browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari), and you'll never have to find the library's website again.
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2. Use Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help you find and request articles fast. Learn how to install Saint Mary's Google Scholar, find articles from citations, request items, and more.
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3. Get Premade APA Citations

No need to write an APA citation from scratch - our library databases have you covered!
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4. Use APA Templates

Why reinvent the wheel (and/or APA formatted paper)? Use these SMU program-approved MS Word templates provided by the Writing Center.
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5. Chat Now

Don't wait to get answers. Get immediate expert support by using our instant messaging service.
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6. Read Peer-Reviewed Articles Efficiently

Believe it or not, a 20+ page peer-reviewed article can be digested in 5-10 minutes with no heartburn.
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7. Understand Expectations

This list contains useful questions to help you make sure you clearly understand your instructor's expectations of quality work.
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8. Create a Research Plan

Hoping your paper magically comes together at the last second? I hope not. Learn how to organize, schedule, and plan your research.
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9. Use Notes and Folders

Don't pass notes in class; instead, use notes and folders in SuperSearch to organize your thoughts and research.
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10. Set Up Search Alerts

Search alerts automatically notify you each time a new article, book, or report is published that matches your search criteria. Great for us lazy folk!
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