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October 2012

Issue 2

Workshop Highlight: Resumes!

What exactly makes a resume effective? The Writing Center offers a workshop on creating or updating your own resume using "best practice" tips for getting your resume noticed. This workshop includes templates and other resources. The last hour of this workshop allows you to work on your resume with a Writing Center Consultant nearby.

This workshop is offered on Friday, October 26, from 6-9pm.

Interested? Register here! This workshop is open to all SGPP students!

APA Self Quiz!

Think you know everything about APA? Try the quiz below!

The four basic elements of a reference entry appear in what order? Title, author, date, and publisher information
Author, date, title, and publisher information
Author, publisher information, title, and date
Date, title, author, and publisher information

Of the four basic elements of a reference entry, three are the same for most sources. Which one changes according to type of source? Author.

Which two statements are true? (Choose 2) You don't have to cite a source unless you quote from it.
Every source on your reference page must be cited in your text at least once.
Every source you read on the topic must appear on your reference page.
Every source cited in your paper must appear on your reference list.

Tip of the Month: Proofreading

What does proofread mean? Proofread means to scan your paper line by line to find mistakes in grammar, punctuation, style, typing, and spelling.

Proofreading is usually the last stage of writing a paper—after organizing composing, and revising, revising, and revising—but some people proofread as they write.

Click here to see the Writing Center's 12 tips for proofreading your papers!

Important Dates

Fall 2012



2 Introduction to APA Source Citation
3 MSWord for APA

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The Writing Center's mission is to support academic writing in all programs at all levels of the University by providing services both to students and to faculty. With students our emphasis is on improving the writer, not just the paper. With faculty we focus on strengthening instructional practices.

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