Writing Center

August 2012

Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the First Newsletter!

The Writing Center is excited to start communicating with students, faculty, and staff through these newsletters! We hope to provide information on our services, workshops, and online learning resources.

The sections below will be occur in every issue. Have a question for us? Email us and maybe it'll be the subject of the next issue!

News: E-Learning page!

The Writing Center has been working hard this past summer to get more of its resources online. We are proud to announce our e-learning page!

We have an orientation video for all students, staff, and faculty that explains what we do and how to use our services.

There is a comprehensive interactive tutorial, the Introduction to APA Style.

You can also find short video tutorials on doing APA formatting in Microsoft Word for both Mac and PC users:

We are continuing to add to this page as we have time to make the videos, so check back for updates! We hope that these videos will help our increasingly far-flung students use our services.

News: Workshop Registration

The Writing Center offers the following workshops on the Minneapolis campus:

  • SSVC 300, Introduction to APA Source Citation
  • SSVC 175, Microsoft Word 2007/2010 for APA Formatting
  • SSVC 275, Punctuation: Just Commas
  • SSVC 181, Presenting in Prezi, An Alternative to PowerPoint
  • SSVC 200, Resumes!
  • For descriptions, dates, and registration information CLICK HERE.

    Ask the Consultant

    Student Question: How do I cite a source with no author?

    WC Answer: Here's what our Introduction to the APA says about missing authors for both the reference page and in text:

    If the author is missing, move the title into the author's position (that is, first) and alphabetize by title on the reference list (skipping the words The, A, or An at the beginning of the title). For the in-text citation, use the first word or two of the title followed by the publication year.

    Have a burning writing question? Submit your question to tcwrite@smumn.edu.

    Writing Tip of the Month: Active vs. Passive Voice

    You have no doubt heard your instructors urge you to write in active voice and avoid the passive voice. What do they mean by that, and why is it important?

    Learn about active and passive voice HERE.

    Important Dates
    Fall 2012

    Introduction to APA Source Citation

    14 MSWord for APA
    22Introduction to APA Source Citation

    MSWord for APA

    5 Punctuation: Just Commas!
    12 Presenting in Prezi: an Alternative to Powerpoint


    2 Introduction to APA Source Citation
    3 MSWord for APA

    More Information

    The Writing Center's mission is to support academic writing in all programs at all levels of the University by providing services both to students and to faculty. With students our emphasis is on improving the writer, not just the paper. With faculty we focus on strengthening instructional practices.

    Contact Us

    For questions or input regarding anything you've seen in this newsletter, please contact The Writing Center at tcwrite@smumn.edu.

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