Executive Summary


An executive summary, as the term implies, is a summarized version of a longer presentation. It is similar to an abstract, but it is usually less formal. It is intended to be read quickly and easily by an audience that is not necessary expert on the topic. Executive summaries vary in length and format. The list below will provide you with guidelines and examples.


Online Resources

Please note that some of the examples do not follow APA style. You will see some examples with numbered in-text citations, and some with no in-text citations at all. Executive summaries follow many styles. However, for coursework at Saint Mary's University, you must follow APA style unless your professor tells you otherwise.

Overview: Executive Summary

Writing@CSU, Colorado State University

How to Write an Executive Summary of a Business Plan

Susan Ward, Cypress Technologies,(an IT Consulting business).

The Art of the Executive Summary

From Guy Kawaski's "How to Change the World" blog.

Executive Summaries Complete the Report

G. Jay Christensen, California State University Northridge

How to Write an Executive Summary

University of Maryland Business Plan Competition 2004

Sample Executive Summary:
"The Evolution of RFID Networks: The Potential for Disruptive Innovation"

Klym, Fine, Trosseu, & Tavshikar
Value Cahin Dynamics Working Group, MIT

Sample Executive Summary:
"How Services Learning Affects Students"

Astin, Vogelgesang, Ikeda, & Yee (2000).
Higher Education Research Institute, University of California, Los Angeles

Good and Poor Examples of Executive Summaries

UniLearning, University of Wollongong (Australia)