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Biography (A&E)

Premier source for general biographical information, with over 20,000 entries, including audio and video clips



Access to the online version of Britannica Encyclopaedia, the academic edition. See the Biography of the Day and a browse list of biographies.


Conversations with History

In these lively and unedited video interviews, distinguished men and women from all over the world talk about their lives and their work. Guests include diplomats, statesmen, and soldiers; economists and political analysts; scientists and historians; writers and foreign correspondents; activists and artists. The interviews span the globe and include discussion of political, economic, military, legal, cultural, and social issues shaping our world. At the heart of each interview is a focus on individuals and ideas that make a difference. From University of California Berkeley.


Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography

Over 1,200 biographies in all branches of science, from Astronomy to Zoology


Focus on Genealogy

Learn how to use WorldCat for genealogy studies. WorldCat can be used to find historic newspapers and photographs, church histories, wills, manuscripts, maps, and much more.


Today in Literature

"Today in Literature features a new original biographical story each calendar day about the great writers, books, and events in literary history."



Biography site for facts about famous people, includes links to further information for most subjects