Directories & Geographical Information

Telephone Directories and Zip Codes

Infobel World

A directory of international telephone directories with information from over 180 countries. The main section is broken down into 6 geographic regions--North America, South & Central America, Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, and Australia & Pacific. The countries are then listed within each region. There may be numerous Business and White Pages listings for each country, with the most popular resources on the top of the page.


Internet Telephone Directory - United States

United States--White Pages, Yellow Pages, Area Codes, Country Codes, and more. Maintained by Dex. Search for businesses or people.


Zip Code Lookup & Address Information [United States Postal Service]

USPS site for looking up zip codes, association of cities to zip codes, and preferred mail abbreviations.


Maps, Atlases, Gazetteers

Atlas of Canada

6th ed. consists of digital maps and explanatory text organized into the following categories: environment, people and society, economy, history, climate change, freshwater, health, reference maps, topographic maps, and map archives.

Geographic Names Information System

From the U.S. Geological Survey, contains information about some 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States.

Google Maps

Map tool


The "#1 Consumer Travel Site," interactive maps for driving directions from all points in the continental U.S., as well as interactive travel maps.


Perry-CasteƱeda Library Map Collection [University of Texas]

Perhaps the best map collection on the web; political and economic maps of every country and continent, as well as historical maps, city maps, national parks, and much more.




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