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This journal is available in print at the Winona campus Fitzgerald Library on the main level, shelved alphabetically by title.
The library owns the volumes/years shown. Check the citation for your article to see whether we have the volume/year that you need.

Look at the citation for the article that you want. Write down the journal title (or “source”), volume number, issue number, date, and page numbers so that you can find the article on the shelf. We will be happy to help you—just ask at the Reference Desk or call 507 457-1562.


More Tips

Suppose you have the following citation and want a copy of the article:

Bennet, Rod. “Stewardship calls us to reach out into the world.Our Sunday Visitor, 95(26):10 (Oct 22 2006)

  • Rod Bennet is the author of the article
  • “Stewardship calls us to reach out into the world” is the title of the article
  • Our Sunday Visitor is the title of the journal
  • 95(26):10 stands for volume 95, issue 26, page 10
  • Oct 22 2006 is the date for volume 95, issue 26

The full text icon Full Text Options - Saint Mary's Service tells you that the Winona campus library has Our Sunday Visitor in print format:

Print Copies
The Winona campus library has the following volumes/years of this periodical in print format:
v.76:no.37- (1988:Jan 10- )


This tells you that the Winona campus library owns volume 76, number 37 (Jan. 10, 1988). There is no ending volume/date, so the library owns through the current issue.

Looking back at the citation for your article, you need volume 95, issue 26 (Oct. 22, 2006), which is owned by the library. To find the article, you’ll go to the bound journals section of the Winona campus library and find Our Sunday Visitor alphabetically by title. Then, you’ll find volume 95. Within volume 95, you’ll find issue 26 and go to page 10.


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