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Look up a citation--Using Journal Finder, find out if we have the journal you need in our collection, online or in print. If we have it, follow the links to get to the actual article. If we don't, submit an interlibrary loan request for the article.

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Borrow Library Materials

Library Cards

Your Saint Mary's University ID library card is required for all materials check out. This card also provides library privileges at Winona State Library, although the loan periods and policies may differ. For your protection, students you send to the library to check out materials in your name should present your card.

Library Catalog

All of our library materials are cataloged online in the MnPALS Fitz Catalog. Use the QuickFitz for simple searches and take advantage of its interactive features like tagging and commenting. Use the ClassicFitz for more complex searches. You may access the catalog on all library and lab computers, in your office, and off campus as well. For off campus access to your borrowing record you will need to supply all fourteen digits of the bar code at the bottom of your St. Mary's ID card. Your last name is your password (or up to eight letters of your last name if you were hired before June 20th 2005).

Loan Periods

You may borrow most library materials for a semester and most items are renewable. See Circulation Policies.



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Placing Materials on Reserve


To place library materials or personal items on reserve please fill out this form. Stop at the Circulation Desk to set up the procedure. Allow one business day for library staff to ready items for reserve check out.


Please let your students know that reserve items are organized by faculty name not by class. Students must present their Saint Mary's ID card to sign them out. Materials ordinarily are used in the building for two hours and may go out overnight one hour before closing only if you so specify. Faculty may determine the loan limitations as needed.



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Interlibrary Loan

Books or periodicals needed, but not in the Fitzgerald Library collection, may be obtained through interlibrary loan. Rachel Thomas is your Interlibrary Loan Librarian ( | 507-457-1489). If you need a journal article, first check the Journal Finder to see if the journal is our collection. For complete procedural information go to Interlibrary Loan: Borrowing from Other Libraries.


Access the request forms:

order a journal article order a book or other media




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Ordering Materials for the Library Collection

Your recommendations are essential for developing a sound collection that supports the University curriculum. Each department has a budget for library items. Please check with your department chair for more information about ordering materials. You may now place your orders online, although, if you choose, you may bring your orders to the library in whatever form works for you. Order forms are available and can be sent to you if requested. To ensure expenditure for the fiscal year, please submit orders by March 1. Mary Kosel (507-457-1567| processes all orders and maintains records on their status, as well as the status of your department's financial allocation. Lauren Leighton(507-457-1564 | accepts and evaluates requests for periodical additions. Bowker's Books in Print is a good place to locate titles, publishers, prices, and reviews.



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Reserving Classrooms

Faculty may reserve a study room in the library for a special session or a regular class. Contact the library director, Laura Oanes at or 507 457 6909. All rooms in the McEnery Center must be reserved online. Go to Room Scheduling to access the reservation form.



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Find Media Resources

Audiovisual materials, including videotapes, CDs, DVDs, etc., are cataloged in MnPALS. Materials can be viewed or listened to in the library or may be checked out. To easily find media in our collection use the "Library to search" drop down menu on the MnPALS catalog search page. Choose from audio books, compact discs, videos or DVDs, and then enter your search terms in box above.


For classroom AV equipment call the Help Desk (7800). The library does have some equipment that may be checked out for use only in the library. See the Equipment and Facilities page.



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Dealing with Plagiarism: Selected Resources


Guide to Plagiarism and Cyber-Plagiarism

This site from the University of Alberta examines "the issues of plagiarism and cyber-plagiarism and what faculty can do to prevent, detect, and report plagiarism."

Thinking and Talking About Plagiarism

"How to talk about plagiarism in the classroom, how to talk to students you suspect might have plagiarized, how to search the WWW and databases for possibly plagiarized e-text, how to tell if the plagiarism is intentional cheating or poor source handling, and how to proceed with plagiarism cases even when you can't find an originating text."


An annotated directory of articles, case studies, examples of paper mills, plagiarism detection tools, essays on ethics and copyright, and related links. Includes resources directed specifically at instructors and students. Created by librarian Sharon Stoerger for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


SMU policies and procedures for dealing with academic dishonesty are available in the Student Handbook. (Online on the Inside Pages page)



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Copyright Issues: Selected Resources


From the United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress. Key information. Includes Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians


Copyright, Fair Use, and Educational Multimedia FAQ

From Blackboard Inc.--a tip sheet


Copyright for the Rest of Us: A Guide for People Who Aren't Lawyers

Abstract: For those who want to teach or learn more about American copyright law, Copyright For The Rest Of Us is the book to use. Eleven chapters, with illustrations, outline concepts such as basic copyright law, where to find it, and how to apply copyright law in many common situations. Each chapter includes a set of scenarios or discussion questions for use on your own or in class. Many chapters, such as “Music and Copyright” can be used on their own. Copyright For The Rest Of Us is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so students or instructors may read, download, or print no charge.

Copyright Information and Education

From the University of Minnesota, a comprehensive site for copyright issues affecting teaching, research, and library use. Also includes latest legislation and news, faqs, and the Copyright Decision Map to help guide the decision-making process involving the use of copyright-protected materials.


Copyright Quick Guide

From Columbia University--another comprehensive site. Good section on posting materials to an online content management system.

Distance Education and the TEACH Act

Explanation of the newest legislation from the American Library Association (American Library Association's links to copyright information)





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