Integrating Library Resources

Provide direct access for your students to the resources of the library in Blackboard or in your online syllabus. Follow the directions below to create library links.


Database Searches

If you have an assignment that calls for students to use a certain database, you can provide a link to that database directly in Blackboard or in your online syllabus. Go to the "Library Databases and Indexes" page to get the link found there. Just right click on the database title and choose "Copy Link Location" (in Firefox) or "Properties" (in Explorer), copy the URL, and then paste it into your online syllabus or Blackboard page. Do not use the URL that comes up in the address bar when you are searching the database. It will not work for future sessions.


All of the URLs for databases should have the library's proxy server address added to them. This enables users to access the databases from off campus. Our proxy server address is and you can add this a URL if you see it is lacking. So the URL for Academic Search Premier will look like this:



Linking to Journal Articles

To link to a specific journal article in Blackboard or your online syllabus you need to find what is often called the "persistent URL." The URL that comes up in the address bar for the article will not work over time.


In EBSCO databases you will find this link in the Tools column at the right of the article, referred to as the Permalink.


In Proquest databases the persistent link is referred to as the Document URL and is located at the end of the article.


Once you have the permanent URL, you will need to add our proxy server address to it, so that your students can access the article when off campus. Just add

to the front of any permanent URL you want to use. So a persistent URL for an article in ProQuest would look like this:



For help locating and using persistent links please contact Ruth Ann Torstenson LeMasters at (507) 457-6664 or