The Graduate School of Health and Human Services offers academic experiences for adult learners through an integration of practical, professional, and ethical education.  The nurse anesthesia curriculum includes both theory and application for use in the field. Our faculty members, both part-time and full-time, have an appropriate combination of academic credentials and tested professional experience. Along with the academic faculty, 35 Clinical Coordinators and over 300 CRNA's and Anesthesiologists participate in the education of our students at our 32 hospital affiliate sites. 



Merri L. Moody APRN, CRNA, M.S., Program Director, Associate Professor: mmoody@smumn.edu

Mary E. Skelley APRN, CRNA, M.S., Clinical Director, Assistant Professor: mskelley@smumn.edu

Craig Hall, M.S., Academic Director: crhall@smumn.edu


Alex Urquart, M.A., Academic Faculty

Carol Daniel APRN, CRNA, M.S., Academic Faculty

Carol Huntre APRN, CRNA, M.S., Academic Faculty

Jason Hoechst APRN, CRNA, MS. Academic and Clinical Faculty

Wendy Sims APRN, CRNA, MS., Academic and Clinical Facutly

Pamela Larson APRN, CRNA, M.S., Academic Faculty

Bonnie Peterson APRN, CRNA, MS., Academic Faculty

Brian Kvamme APRN, CRNA, MS., Academic Faculty

Melinda Stone, CRNA, MS., Academic Faculty

Dr. Laura Mickelson APRN, CRNA, Academic Faculty

Dr. Tim Johansson, Academic Faculty

Dr. Rebecca Katchmark, Academic Faculty

Dr. Kathleen Greene, Academic Faculty

Dr. Mary Foss, Academic Faculty

Steven Kremer APRN, CRNA, M.S., Academic Faculty