Welcome to Spring Semester 2016

Nurse Anesthesia Student Seminar - May 14, 2016

The 2016 Student Seminar will be held on Saturday May 14, 2016. This will be the final student seminar however, we will continue to publish student abstracts in the program newsletter. Please plan to attend and support the hard work of our students. The topics this year are very timely. To see the topic list and registration form, click the link: The Final Student Seminar 2016 Topics and Registration

Clinical Faculty Web Page

Clinical faculty now have additional resources designed to streamline evaluation processes, improve communication and provide links to current information and schedules. If you are a faculty member and need assistance accessing these resources, please contact the Clinical Director


The Program publishes a newsletter for students, faculty, clinical faculty, alumni and friends. It contains news from the University and Program news, upcoming events, educational opportunities and alumni and student news. If you would like to receive this publication or contribute your news, please contact the Program Director

Current Newsletter

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Faculty Development Opportunities

Faculty development classes and seminars are sponsored by Saint Mary's University are open to all academic, adjunct and clinical faculty. Some very compelling and timely topics are addressed. To see the offerings for this summer,check out the Faculty Development Newsletter.

Admission to the Nurse Anesthesia Program

Applications are due April 1st each year for a start date of May the following year. Applications are currently being accepted for classes starting in May of 2015. The GRE is not required for application. Click on "Prospective Students" link at the top of this page for further information.

Waiting List for the class starting in May of 2016:

Thewaiting list for the class starting in 2016 is at number: 9.

Information about APRN Credentialing for the Minnesota Board of Nursing