Art and Design Department Facilities

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Students in Art and Design have a wide variety of opportunities in the visual and digital arts available to them. Students have ample access to work space outside of class as well as within course studio work.

Digital Graphic Design
    There are two Mac design labs. One design lab is equipped with 16 iMacs with the full Adobe Design Suite, 4 flatbed and negative scanners, a projector and instructor station, photo quality large format inkjet printer, color laser printer, and several work table areas. The second is equipped with 20 student stations with dual monitors, Tegrity support, two 70" flat panel screens, a 3D printer, an ELMO, and GoPro cameras.

    The printmaking room features the facilities for numerous processes and a variety of presses. Equipment includes:
  • Charles Brand etching press with 12" x 18" press bed
  • Conrad etching press with 18" x 30" pressbed
  • Tackach-Garfield etching press with 24 x 48" pressbed
  • Lithographic press and 30 litho stones (varying sizes)
  • Vandercook Universal I letterpress with 150+ drawers of lead type and cuts
  • 3 small, cast iron platen presses
  • Silkscreen drying / exposure cabinet

    The painting studio provides ample space in a converted gymnasium. Numerous easles, storage tables, and critique space provide room for students to work on a range of paintings in acrylics, oils, and water color.

    Ceramics studio equipment includes two electric drum kilns and a downdraft gas kiln, a slab roller, eight electric and eight kick wheels, an extruder, a Soldner clay mixer, a fully equipped glaze mixing room, large handbuilding area with ample shelving and storage, a glaze application room, and a spray booth which is located in the sculpture area.

    The sculpture lab is equipped with a full wood shop, a wire feed welder, oxy-acetylene torches, a plasma cutter, plaster and stone carving facilities, a spray booth, ample work tables with clamps and work storage, a ventilation system, and work sinks.

    The drawing and painting studios are both located in a large spacious room that was previously a gym. Numerous drawing horses and easels as well as a wide variety of still life materials are available.


Spacious studios are used for both Foundations 1 and 2, where students begin studies in 2D and 3D design, color theory, value, and form.

Art History

Saint Joseph's hall features at Tegrity classroom with projector, Elmo, and DVD player.