• Digital Graphic Design
  • Studio Art
  • Art Minor
The Digital Graphic Design major gives students stong professional skills in Graphic and Web design. Students learn a broad range of techniques, skills, and software, including the Adobe Creative Suite. Our sequences of courses will teach you not only how to use the software, but how to design effective and innovative pieces. Courses in web design, motion graphics, graphic design, typography, digital photography, and professional practice ensures a well rounded skill set. There are numerous internship and volunteer experiences available to help build your portfolio. Design students beging with a foundation in traditional art media such as drawing, painting, and printmaking, to build skills in color theory, proportion, traditional photography, and value, adding to the experience in the Graphic and Intermedia Design major.
The Studio Art major gives students a broad experience in many different media and techniques, and provides opportunity for more advanced studies in the various studio areas. Students begin by taking courses in drawing and 2D and 3D foundations, gaining skills and experience. You will then move into courses in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics, and choose a focus within one or more of these areas for focused study. The capstone experience in Studio Art is a senior seminar, learning about professional practice, working on your senior exhibition and artist statement, and preparing for careers in the arts after graduation.
The Art Minor gives students the opportunity to choose a focused experience in the visual arts and design while majoring in other areas. All art minors take Foundations 1, and then students choose 5 more courses in the Department of Art and Design, focusing on their individual interests. Possible opportunities are many, including drawing, digital and darkroom photography, graphic and web design, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and painting.