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The Finbar Fire Grate

  • Takes up a minimal amount of space when folded
  • Easy to assemble
  • Contained in a nylon casing
  • Expanded - size is 18" x 5 1/4 "
  • Weight is less than 8 oz.
  • All parts remain attached - nothing to fall off

The Folding Fire Grate fits easily into a back-pack. The Folding Fire Grate, when folded, forms a bundle which is smaller in diameter than a man's thumb.


[Picture of folded fire grate]
Fire Grate Folded


It is easy to assemble and is used in the same manner as any fire grate; by supporting the ends of the grate on green logs or rocks.

[Functional picture of firegrate]


The Folding Fire Grate consists of three pieces of stainless steel tubing, and two pieces of stainless steel sheet bent to shape. The pieces are riveted together at the appropriate places, allowing them to pivot when folding and also to interlock when in the open position for use on a fire.

BackpackGearTest.org Guide to Innovations by Finbar
Here you can view many positive testimonials from serious backpackers who put the Finbar Fire Grate to the true test. Includes Initial Reports, Field Reports, and Long Term Reports--all very detailed and thorough.
Includes a link back to this site after you've read the reports.

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