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The Finbar Fire Pan

Ideal for winter camping

Does not leave behind fire scars

A canvas sack with carrying handles is included. The four pieces stack in such a way that other items can easily be placed on top of the sack.

[Graphic of the Fire Pan]

At the request of Paul Schurke, Director of Wintergreen Dog Sled Adventures and co-leader of the Steger North Pole Expedition, Br. Finbar McMullen designed the Firepan.

The Fire Pan consists of 4 pieces of sheet metal that interlock to form a pan that measures approximately 22 inches by 28 inches and has a 1 inch rim all the way around. Once assembled, the pan is placed on a bed of logs (green logs are desirable because they prevent the fire from sinking into the snow). When the 4 pieces are nested together, they measusre 11" x 15" in size and weigh 5 1/2 lbs. The Fire Pan fits nicely in the bottom of a sled. It comes with a canvas sack.

For use on the western rivers, the Fire Pan can be ordered with a 3 1/2" lip. Add $5 to the price. The weight of this pan is 10 pounds, and UPS shipping is approximately $10.

The Fire Pan does not need to be used at its fullest size. Sections can be nested to provide a smaller fire space.

If finding support logs or rocks on the western rivers is difficult, the Fire Pan can be supported on a series of 3" metal strips that can be interlocked in several configurations to provide a secure base.

[photo of firepan support]

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