The Finbar Skirt Flipper

If you've ever struggled to secure a neoprene skirt to the rear of the cowling on a sea kayak, you most likely wished you had a third hand. Well, with the Skirt Flipper in the hem of your spray skirt, 7 seconds are all you'll need to get sealed in and be under way,

. The Skirt Flipper is made of stainless steel tubing, with plastic end caps, and weights just 5 ounces. You might need to enlarge the bungee cord hole to insert it, but the new edges can be heat sealed.

It is bent to a generic cowling shape and comes with instructions for fine tuning it to the kayak you are using. Reshaping it is quite simple.

The hem on some skirts is too narrow to accomodate the Skirt Flipper. Cable ties are provided, with instructions, to fasten to the skirt. When ordering, be sure to ask for the ties if you think you might need them.

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