The Finbar Maa Roller

The Maa Roller is an old design that is great for relieving cramped muscles in the back, feet, and back of the neck.

Many muscles are cramped, but we don't notice this until pressure is applied. Energy is required to keep a muscle cramped. Pressure helps to relax such a muscle, but it will cause some pain. When the roller is used without an assistant, you are in complete control of how much pressure is applied.

The Maa Roller is not to be used to relieve back pain caused by spinal problems, just cramped muscles. There is a simple way to tell if the pain you feel from pressure is from a muscle. With bare feet, step on a marble, or a golf ball. The pain you feel will slowly go away if you keep a steady pressure on your foot. After it goes away, press a little harder, and the pain will return. If the pain never lets up it is not coming from a muscle.

The Maa Roller is turned from Black Walnut, given two coats of a penetrating finish and topped off with a three-step wax process. It has the look of fine funiture. The humps are 3 3/4" apart, which seems to work for most people. If you have a very narrow body, have someone measure the distance from one hump to the other on your back muscles. You might need one that measures 3 1/2".

Full instructions are included with each roller.

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