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The Finbar Ski Tip

The Skiboggan Tips:

  • Eliminate the need for the skier to beat his/her way through the snow.
  • Ideal for crossing marshy areas or any place that is overgrown with tall grass
  • In some snow conditions they offer cross-country skiers the benefits of snow shoes -- without requiring that they remove their skis.

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How the Skiboggan Tip works:

The tips are made of heat molded Royalex plastic that is the same material as used by Wenona Canoes on the manufacture of its plastic canoes. The completely rigid tips are 1/4" thick, and weigh 24 oz./pair. Depending on what is available, the colors are: blue, green, maroon, and olive drab. They are 4 1/2" wide and are entirely different from the tips used to repair a broken ski.

When the Skier moves one foot forward, weight is taken off that ski and the tip raises the ski. The ski moves forward and up, compressing the snow beneath it. If other skiers are following behind, the trail is somewhat packed and prepared for them. The trail is also prepared for the skier who returns by the same route.

Once the snow is compacted, the tips can glide across the snow with normal skiing action. Unlike snow shoes, skiers using these tips do not have to lift their feet.

The Skiboggan Tip enables easy passage over marshy or grassy areas. The tips eliminate the tendency of the ski to get caught under the matted grass.

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