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Br. Finbar Mc Mullen, a Christian Brother and former Environmental Awareness Instructor at Saint Mary's University, is the inventor of these innovative and practical products for outdoor enthusiasts. His own experience in the outdoors and conversations with outdoor enthusiasts like Paul Schurke ( Director of the Wintergreen Dog Sled Adventures and co-leader of the Steger North Pole expedition) led Br. Finbar Mc Mullen to develop products which address the needs of skiers, hikers, campers, hunters and anyone else who engages in activities where they are confronting the outdoor elements.

The first of his inventions was the Finbar Hood. When asked what inspired him to develop the hood and the other inventions which followed, Br. Finbar replied, "Necessity". Whether it be sheer genius, necessity or a little of each Innovations by Finbar are increasing the level of comfort and enjoyment for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Whether you are an avid hiker, cross country skier or someone who enjoys an occasional winter camping trip, you are invited to take a closer look at Innovations by Finbar. These innovations were created to enhance your outdoor experience.

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