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St. Patrick's Day,
March 17, 1863

Company K Roster

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We have searched many documents, newspapers, and personal papers to find all the men who served in Company K.  This poster from the Winona County Historical Society's Archives is probably the most accurate list of those who served.  It was printed in 1864 to commemorate the service of Company K and the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment on the occasion of the regiment's discharge from active service April 29, 1864.  The actual size of the document is 22 x 18 inches.  The text of the document has been reproduced and appears below the poster.  The memorial poster was published in January, 1864.



Company K 1st Regiment, Minn. Volunteers.

Field and Staff Officers.

Colonel, Willis A. Gorman--Promoted Brig. General
Colonel, N.J.T. Dana--Pro. Brig. Gen and Major Gen
Colonel, Alfred Sully--Promoted Brig. Gen, Wounded at Fredericksburg
Colonel, George N. Morgan--Formerly Capt. Co. E; Major, and Lieut. Col. Resigned
Colonel, William Colville, Jr.--Formerly Capt. of Co. F; Major and Lieut. Col.
    Wounded at Glendale and Gettysb'g
Lt. Col., Stephen Miller--Pro. Col 7th Minnesota; Brig. General
Lt. Col., Chas. P. Adams--Formerly Capt. of Co. H; Major Wounded at Gettysurg
major, William H. Dike--Resigned
Major, Mark W. Downie--Formerly of Co. B, 1st Lieut and Capt. Wounded at

Company Officers.

Captain, Henry C. Lester--Appointed Colonel 3rd Minnesota Vol. Infantry;
    Nov.15, 1861
1st Lieut., Gustavus A. Holzborn--Appt'd Capt. Nov. 15, 1861, Killed at Antietam
2nd Lieut., Joseph Periam--Apointed1st Lieut. Nov. 15, '61; Capt. Sept. 17, '62
    Killed at Gettysburg
1st Lieut., J. W. Searles--Appointed Sept. 20, '62. Pro Capt and transferred to
    Ambulance Corps.
2nd Lieut., W. Lockren--Appointed Sept. 22, '62. Pro 1st Lieut., and transferred
    to Co. E. July 6, 1863
Captain Martin Maginnis--Appointed Sept 24, '63
1st Lieut., J. R. King--Transferred to Co. K, Oct. 2, 1863--Pro Capt., and
    trans. to Co. G. Nov. 6, 1863


1st, John Ball--Appointed 2nd Lieut., Nov. 16, 1861; 1st Lieut., Co F. July 17 '62;
    Capt. July 6, '63. W'd at Bristow Station
Horatio S. Bingham--Discharged Oct. 30, 1862
John G. Merritt--wounded at Bull Run. Resgn'd Nov. 1, '61.
Zuar E. Moore--Killed at Bull Run.
Hiram A. Brink--Reduced Oct. 29, 1863.


Samuel E. Stebbins--Wound'd at Bull Run. Disch'd Nov.8, '62.
David B. Dudley--Appt'd Sergt. Nov 1 1861; Died of wounds received at Antietam.
George N. Burgess-- Appointed Sergt., Aug. 8, 61; Color Bearer.  Killed at Savage
James E. Seely--Enlisted in U.S. Regular Cavalry, Oct. 24, '62.
Matthew Marvin--Appointed Sergt., Dec., 7, '61; Wounded at Harrison's Landing;
    July 20, '62; and at Gettysburg.
William Smith--Killed At Antietam.
Julian Fajans--Discharged may, 1862
Edgar Chapman--Appointed Sergt., Oct. 21, 1862.


Mathias Kinnen--Bugler.
Erick Iverson--Drummer


John Dreibblebiss--Discharged April 10, 1863


Allred, L. J.--Pro. Corp. Nov. '61 Pro Serg't. Oct. 21, '62
Andrews, Charles H.--Discharged Aug. 16, 1861.
Anderson, John--Wounded at Bull Run
Abell, William H.
Boysen, Henry C.
Best, Balthasar--Wounded at Bristow Station.
Behr, Charles--Wounded at Gettysburg.
Burton, Ephriam--Killed at Bull Run.
Brockway, Stephen--Discharged Nov. 17, 1861
Badgley, John J.--Discharged March 30th, 1863.
Bourne, Chardon
Beales, William
Berry, Noah F.--Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Boardman, Charles--Wounded at Maries Heights, May 4, 63.
Babcock, James M.--Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Burgess, Samuel W.--W'd at Antietam Disch'd Jan. 27, '63.
Carpenter, Alfred P.--Pro. Corp. Nov. 1 to Serg't Oct 21, '62; w'd at
    Antietam & Gettysb'g. Pro. 1st Lt. Col'd troops.
Crippen, Jos. M.--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Countryman, Chas. C.--W'd at Antietam.  Enlisted in 7th U.S. Regular Infantry.
Chase, William B.--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Casey, Edward--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Churchill, William H.--Appointed Corp. and Color Guard.
Colburn, Alfred--Discharged.
Chandler, Joseph C.--Wounded at Gettysburg.
Coy, William A.--W'd at Antietam.  Disch'd Feb. 18, '63.
Day, John--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Drayne, Daniel
Durfee, George H.
Durfee, Jason--Taken prisoner and died in Richmond.
Durfee, Chester S.--Wounded at Getysburg.
Durr, Israel--Died of wounds received at Gettysburg.
Ely, Charles E.--Wounded at Gettysburg
Einfeldt, John--Promoted Corp. July 18, 1862.  Promoted Serg't Oct. 27, 1863.
    Wounded at Gettysburg.
Eavens. Jno J.--Pro. Corp. Dec. 7, '61. Disch'd Nov. 28, '62.
Eaton, Jos. S.--Taken prisoner July 21, '61.  W'd Gettysb'g.
French, James M.--Deserted May, 1862.
Flemming, William H. Discharged July 13, 1861.
Goddard, Charles E.--Wounded at Gettysb'g.
Grimm, Fritz--Killed at Bull Run.
Gore, Leslie P.--Pro. Corp. July 18, '62.  Killed at Gettysbg.
Geisreiter, Jacob--Killed at Gettysburg
George, Andrew--Deserted July 28, 1861.
Harding, Hiram--W'd at Bull run.  Disch'd Aug. 2, '61.
Hill, Joseph S.
Holland, Alonzo
Hanson, Lewis--Wounded at Gettysburg.
Kennedy, McJarvis--Discharged Oct. 20, 1862.
Keily, Timothy--Promoted July 18, '62. W'd at Gettysbg.
Kinyon, William-- Wounded at Gettysburg.
Knapp, Byron C.--Discharged Nov. 27, 1861.
Ketchum, Cornelius--Deserted March 1862.
Kenniston, Alfred--Discharged April14, 1862
Lynn, John--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Lincoln, Charles E.--Discharged
Lacy, Oregine B.--Disch'd and enlisted in 9th Min., V. I.
Lincoln, Joseph--Discharged Sept. 6, 1862.
McIntyre, Malcom
Martin, Stephen E.--Promoted Corp. March 17, 1863.
Martin, William--Killed at Antietam.
Moore, John--Discharged Feb. 7, 1863.
Moore, Oliver W.--Pro. Corp. Mar. '63. Dischd Mar. 26, '63.
Morton, Henry--Killed at Bull Run.
Manning, William--Wounded at Antietam.
McDonell, Allen--Discharged jan. 7, 1862.
North, Charles F.--Pro. corp. July 18, '62; and Serg't Oct. 29, 1863.
    Wounded at Gettysburg.
Nicklin, Samuel--Wounded at Bull Run.  Discharged Dec. 18, 1862.
Pfund, William--Discharged Aug. 25, 1861.
Palmer, John
Patten, William--Deserted Oct. 1862.
Pickle, Alonzo
Reynolds, J. J.--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Raymond, George--Discharged Aug. 1, 1861.
Remore, Elijah--Transferred to Invalid Corps.
Rowley, Edward A.--Wounded at Bull Run July 21, 1861. Discharged.
Richardson, James O.
Smith, Eldridge--Discharged Jan. 15, 1863.
Smith, George C.--Discharged Dec. 21, 1861.
Smith, Samuel--Wounded at Bull Run.
Sargeant, William G.--Promoted Corp. Oct. 27, 1863.
Shaw, Alexander--wounded at Maries Heights  May 4, 1863.
Sheeks, Franklin
Southmayd, John A. Deserted Nov 1, 1863.
Smith, Augustus H.--Killed at Gettysburg.
Sherman, William M.-- Wounded at Antietam Enlisted in U.S. Regular cavalry Oct. 21, 1862.
Selley, John W.--Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Trewsdell, Andrew J.--Wounded by accidental discharge of his gun.  Discharged
    Nov. 28, 1862.
Teeter, Moses J.--Discharged.
Thorp, John--Wounded at Bristow Station.
Thompson, Aaron J.-- Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry Oct. 24, '62.
Taylor, David--Killed at Gettysburg.
Terrell, Israel M. Discharged Aug. 3, 1861.
Tennison, Reuben--Deserted.
Tenny, Samuel--Wounded at Gettysburg.
Towner, James--Wounded at Gettysburg.
Vosz, Peter--Killed at Gettysburg.
Woodard, Frank--Discharged Nov. 27, 1861.
Warner, Warren--W'd at Vienna; Discharged Oct. 14, 1863.
Wright, Randolph--promoted to Corp. July 18, '62; Killed at Gettysburg.
Winters, Henry C.--Killed at Gettysburg.
Walden, Lucius F.--Promoted to Corp. Nov. 1, 1861. Enlisted in U.S. Reg. cavalry
    Oct. 24, 1862.
Winchell, William--Killed at Vienna.


Bull Run, Va. July 21, 1861
Balls Bluff, Va. Oct. 21, 1861
Siege of Yorktown, Va. April, 1862
West Point, Va. May 7, 1862
Fair Oaks, Va. May 31 & June 1, 1862
Peach Orchard, Va. June 29, 1862
Savage Station, Va. June 29, 1862
Glendale, Va. June 30, 1862
White Oak Swamp, Va. June 30, 1862
Malvern Hill, Va. July 1, 1862
Malvern Hill, Va. Aug. 5, 1862
Vienna, Va. Sept. 2, 1862
Antietam, Md. Sept. 17, 1862
Charlestown, Va. Oct. 16, 1862
Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 13, 1862
Fredericksburg, Va. May 3, 1863
Haymarket, Va. June 25, 1863
Gettysburg, Pa. July 2 & 3, 1863
Bristow Station Oct. 14, 1863
Mine Run, Va. Nov. 27, 1863

Mustered into
United States Service
at Ft. Snelling, for Three years, April 29, 1861.

Published January, 1864,
By J. C. Fuller & Co., Baltimore, Md.


Lith of Sarony, Major & Knapp, 449 Broadway N. York