Faculty & Staff Procedures

The following items are designed to provide Blackboard faculty and staff who use the system with procedures and information about the key administrative functions. These functions include:

Adding Classes


Courses should be automatically created when a Program Director/Chair submits classes to the Registrar. Your name must be associated with the course so that Blackboard will assign the course to your account. You can check to see if the course is assigned to you within Blackboard and in Webtools. If you do not have the appropriate course/section assigned, you will need to contact your Program Director/Chair to make sure that this is corrected. If you are assigned to the course, then call the Helpdesk 1-800-635-5987 x7800 or email the course number, section, and your name.


  1. Once you have made sure you are properly assigned to a course in Webtools, you can then make a call to the Helpdesk (1-800-635-5987 x 7800).
  2. The Helpdesk staff member will ask you for the Course ID, Section, Session/Semester you are teaching, and your name. Please be ready to provide this information.
  3. Once we have this information, we will generate this course for you within about two working days.

Adding Students to Blackboard


After the semester starts, you may have students who have added late and are not in your blackboard classes. We will be reloading students automatically after seven business days into the semester. If you need them in the system before this time, you can add them in yourself.


  1. First check to see if the student is in the class.  To do this go to the List/Modify Users in the Control Panel for the class.
  2. If there is a student who enrolled in the system late, a faculty member can manually add a student in the course by going into the Control Panel of Blackboard and then click on the Add Users link (Click here for a Tutorial on this process). 
  3. A faculty member should then go to Enroll Existing Users. If they do not find the student on the list, they may already be in the course. Then go back to List/Modify Users.

Archiving Courses


Some people become overwhelmed with the number of classes you can have on blackboard at any given time. We recommend that you archive and then pull courses off of Blackboard when you are not going to be teaching a given course in the coming semester (Below is the procedures to Archive your course or click here to see a multimedia tutorial to do the same process).


  1. Go to the Control Panel > Course Utilities > Archive Course for the course you would like to archive. You should be at the screen found below.

  2. After you have placed a check mark in the appropriate boxes (above checked boxes are recommend) click on the submit button and you will see the following screen.

  3. It is critical that you click on the download feature of this receipt. This will then prompt you to save the course; you can put it on your network space or burn the course to CD.

Course Structures


We generate a course for every faculty member using Blackboard. This course is titled with your name and course id (i.e., ckjorlie_EDD815) and should be where you put your course content. An additional course for the section, or sections, will be automatically generated (i.e., 2002 WI_E101A). This allows you to keep the two sections separate and yet not have to duplicate everything. Within the section courses, you can turn off buttons that you will not use in this part of the course.


  1. To turn off buttons, simply go to the course Control Panel
  2. Click on COURSE SETTINGS > AREA AVAILABILITY and turn off any button by clicking the Disable dot. Submit your changes at the bottom of this part of Blackboard. See screen below.


Deleting Classes


Deleting classes from Blackboard should be done when you have sections of a class from previous semesters that you would like to take out of blackboard, also if you are not ever going to teach this course. To delete a course from Blackboard, you should first archive the course and save it to a safe place.

After the course has been archived and saved to your network space or CD, you can then email or send a hard copy of the Course ID to the Helpdesk ( or P.O. Box 33 on the Winona campus).

Problems with Entering Blackboard

If you are unable to pull up the Blackboard entry page, you will need to call the helpdesk 1-800-635-5987 x7800.

Recycling Courses


After every semester, you will want to archive your course and then recycle it so that students, their grades, digital assignments, and communications are pulled out. This allows you to have a fresh course with the content you intend to use in the next semester's course.


  1. Go to the course Control Panel.
  2. Click on CONTROL PANEL > COURSE UTILITIES > COURSE RECYCLER and click on the areas you would like to remove (i.e., most just check the Users box).
  3. When you type Remove, you will need to use a capital R and then hit submit. This is irreversible. Please view the example below.

Is your blacboard course ready for student access?


Semester Legend
At Saint Mary's University, currently each semester is represented in the format YYYYM# i.e., 2003M1 whereby:
YYYY - current academic year
M - Site/Location i.e. M - Minneapolis, W - Winona
# - Current Semester i.e.
   1 - Fall Semester
   2 - Winter Semester
   3 - Spring Semester

Blackboard Course Checklist

  1. Where should I put my content for my courses?  When each blackboard course is setup the there are two courses that are initially setup for the instructor
    • The root course (INSTUCTOR_COURSENUMBER)
      1. is only created once, the first time the course is offered by this instructor
      2. is a template for any future offerings of this course
      3. is used to assist the instructor in maintaining or archiving the content of their course over along period of time.
      4. has a list of all students who have ever enrolled in the course since it was first offered.
      5. makes this course accessible/available so that all the students who ever enrolled in this course will be able to see it.
    • Actual/Real course (i.e., 2003M2_BU400A.)
      1. is used for the actual course/semester
      2. is only be available when the instructor activates the course.
      3. lists only the students enlisted in the class for the current semester only.
      4. The instructor may copy the content from their root course to this course if they are planning to use same content in the new class.

  2. Did you make the course available?  You may see the course on in your list of courses that you are teaching, however, if the course is set to the unavailable status you students will not be able to access your published course.  To view the tutorial on how you to make your courses available click here.

  3. Remind your students to make sure they have the correct email addresses in blackboard.  For most students we will update their accounts to the official account.  For our Graduate and Professional Programs we do not requires these accounts so it will be important to make sure they have the correct account in the system.  You may provide students with a link to the following tutorial so they can update their own addresses.  The URL for this tutorial is

  4. Ask students on the first day of class if they are able to get to your course materials.  If any of your students are not able to access blackboard, please have them contac the IT helpdesk via email at:

Blackboard Technical Requirements


Hardware and software minimum requirements for blackboard are recommended for both students and faculty. These minimum requirements help assure that your usage is seamless.

  • Hardware: 64 MB of RAM, 5 G of free disk space
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 4.0, or newer, Netscape 4.7 JavaScript &
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Software: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Platform: Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP
  • Modem: 28.8 k will work (56 k is recommended)