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The Saint Mary's University Chamber Orchestra (SMUCO) was founded in 2007 in order to provide the best opportunities for SMU students and Winona Community members to perform a wide range of orchestral repertoire within and outside the Winona Community, in addition to collaborations with many visiting and residential artist-teachers each year.

The SMU Chamber Orchestra is primarily composed of Saint Mary's students and talented musicians from the Winona community, under the direction by Music Director Dr. David Leung.  The Chamber Orchestra presents a series of public concerts in the beautiful Figliulo Recital and in the greater Minnesota community every year, including Sugar Loaf Senior Living, St. Mary of the Angels Chapel, Central Lutheran Church and St. Anne's Home.    

The Fall Semester auditions take place during the first week of classes, with auditions-by-appointment available during the academic year. Please contact Dr. Leung, at for more information. 

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*Announcing the 2013-14 Saint Mary's Chamber Orchestra Season!*

The 2014-2015 season of St. Mary's University Chamber Orchestra includes continuing collaborations with more visiting artist-teachers, SMU faculty members and the SMU Choirs.   The new 2014-15 season features masterful works by Handel, J.S.Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Grieg and Estonian composer Arvo Part, just to name a few!

The new series begins with "the Magical French Horn" featuring SMU Music Facutly Tammy Bartz performing the charming first horn concerto by the prolific Joseph Haydn. Mozart wrote four very famous horn concertos, which have become the standards of today. However, not too many people are very familiar with the two horn concerts by Haydn, which are both masterpieces! To continue our Four Seasons saga from last year, Dr. Kyle Black from the Modern and Classical Department will once again recite inspiring sonnets for the Autumn Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi! Let the hunting and merry-making begin! In this concert, you can also enjoy Mendelssohn's youthful string symphony and the mysterious Summa by contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Part, in honor of his upcoming 80th birthday in 2015.

From the magical French Horn, we move to "Voices of Spring" in February. Our first spring concert will feature a returning guest-artist - Professor Maureen Yuen from State of New York, Fredonia. Many of you enjoyed her Bach Double concerto with me at Central Luthern Church last year, so let's welcome Professor Yuen back to Winona again for more Bach! Professor Yuen will be leading as the soloist in Bach's joyful E major concerto for violin and strings. To welcome the season of spring back, we offer two warm Melodies by Grieg, Handel's light-hearted Concerto Grosso in G and Mozart's delightful Divertimento in F - all of these cheerful pieces will certainly bring you enough the warmth and voices of spring!

Last but not least, the Season Finale Concert will be "A Tribute to Arvo Part". The mystical Estonian composer Arvo Part is well loved by many music-lovers around the world for his hallmark of great beauty, meditative quality and simplicity. We will present one of his signature pieces Fratres to begin the concert. Arvo Part's music is also largely influenced by Baroque styles, Soviet and Hungarian composers, so we will also present Rumanian folk dances by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok, in addition to two Baroque masters: Bach and Vivaldi, and their two masterful concertos. The featured soloists include guest artist-teacher Dr. Ka Wai Yu, cello faculty from Indiana Wesleyan University and two piano students from SMU: Destiny Dux and Hongdou Ge.

We hope you will join us for all these exciting performances, and encourage all who are interested in performing to contact me ( for details.  See you at these wonderful concerts! 

Dr. David Leung

Music Director, SMU Chamber Orchestra     


-Nov 23 (outreach concert on Nov 22, TBD)
"The Magical French Horn'

Arvo Part: Summa
Haydn: Horn Concerto No.1
Vivaldi: Autumn Concerto
Mendelssohn Sinfonia in D No.2

Horn solo: Tammy Bartz (SMU faculty)
Violin solo: Dr. David Leung (SMU faculty)
Sonnet Narration: Dr. Kyle Black (SMU faculty)

-Feb 15 (outreach concert on Feb 14, TBD)
"The Voices of Spring"

Handel: Concerto Grosso in G
Mozart: Divertimento in F
Grieg: two melodies op. 34
Bach Violin Concerto in E

Violin solo: Professor Maureen Yuen (Fredonia, NY)

-Apr 26 (outreach concert on April 25, TBD)
"A Tribute to Arvo Part"

Arvo Part: Fratres 10'
Vivaldi Cello Concerto 12'
Bartok Rumanian folk dances 8'
Bach Double Keyboard Concerto 12'

Cello Solo: Dr. Ka Wai Yu (Indian Wesley University Faculty)
Piano Soloists: Hongdou Ge, Destiny Dux (SMU students)

Other Performances -  

1). Outreach concerts at the Sugar Loaf Senior Living on Mankato and St. Anne's Home - details TBA 

2). "Lessons and Carols" : Collaborations with SMU Choirs - Dec 6, 2014 (St. Mary of the Angels Chapel - Downtown, Winona)



The 2014-2015
 Concert I - "The Magical French Horn"

Arvo Part: Summa

Haydn: Horn Concerto No.1 (Solo: Tammy Bartz, SMU faculty)

Vivaldi: Autumn Concerto (Solo: Dr. David Leung, SMU faculty; Narration: Dr. Kyle Black, SMU faculty)

Mendelssohn: Sinfonia No.2 in D major


"Concert II - "The Voices of Spring"

Greig: Two Melodies, Op. 34

Handel: Concerto Grosso in G major

Mozart: Divertimento in F major

Bach: Concerto in E major for Violin (Solo: Professor Maureen Yuen, State University of NY, Fredonia)

"Concert III - "A Tribute to Arvo Part"

Arvo Part: Fratres

Vivaldi: Cello Concerto (Solo: Dr. Ka Wai Yu, Cello Faculty, Indiana Wesleyan University)

Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances

Bach: Double keyboard concerto (Soli: Destiny Dux, Hongdou Ge)


Other concerts:

1). "Lessons and Carols" (with SMU choirs; Dr. Patrick O'Shea, Director) (Dec 6th, 2014)

2). Outreach concerts to the local Sugar Loaf Senior Living and St. Anne's Home

***details TBA


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